Why You Need a Magnetic Charger and Why Volta is the Right Choice

Why You Need a Magnetic Charger and Why Volta is the Right Choice

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately needed to make a phone call, but your phone had no juice? Or as you were about to hit the “send” button to reply to your boss’s message, your phone went off? Other times, it is the snail-speed at which your smartphone charges that irks you out. Situations similar to this happen many times and what they all have in common is that huge frustration that hits us because of a battery rundown. That’s really as painful as it gets.

However, we worry less if we can discover a means to get that phone juiced up in no time. The message gets sent to your boss in a few minutes, and you finally get to make that urgent call to the delivery guy. Your savior at this crucial time is your charger.

But chargers are different from each other in so many aspects. An upgrade that the charging cable world has seen has to be the magnetic charging cable.

Some tech products these days inevitably make you wonder what you truly need them for and it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re asking yourself - why do I need a magnetic charger? My regular charging cable is working just fine. But is it?

The first question that comes to your mind about magnetic chargers is, are they safe? Safety is paramount and anything that threatens your safety should be done away with. It is true magnets can be harmful to your device due to the magnetic field they create. However, magnets used in charging cables are small and as such pose no threat to your device on their own. Now that that has been settled, let’s tell you why you need a magnetic charger.

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Other Magnetic Chargers


Most magnetic chargers are built using strong cables that don’t break easily unlike most regular charging cables that cannot withstand strenuous activities. 

Fast Charging

Most magnetic chargers support steady fast charging, unlike some regular charging cables that fluctuate. 


The most prominent feature of many magnetic charging cables is the flexibility that comes with it. The magnetic connection between the cable and the tip inserted into the phone is built in such a way that you can easily connect the tip to the cable, even in the dark. Instead of your regular cables where you keep fumbling to get a charge in the dark.

Data Transfer

You may have been worried that since this is not an actual wire connection, would it transferring data? Definitely, in fact, magnetic chargers have some of the fastest data transfer protocol.

Why Choose Volta

But as already discussed, chargers differ from chargers. Not all magnetic chargers are on the same level. The Volta Magnetic charger stands out from other magnetic chargers you will find in the market and here’s why.

Stronger Magnetic Connection


The magnets on some magnetic chargers are very weak and give you a weak connection that keeps disturbing your charging. However, on Volta Magnetic Charger, you are getting a strong Neodymium magnet that ensures your charging cable stays in place. In fact, you can hold your phone down with the charging cable still attached to it. The Two rare earth N52-Grade Neodymium reversible magnets are perfectly aligned to complement each other and don’t disturb your phone from charging fast.


The Snagsafe feature is similar to Apple’s Magsafe on Macbook which has been discontinued. Volta’s Snagsafe is built to protect not only the magnetic charger but your device as well. We understand that accidents happen, and it is possible to trip over your cable once in a while. Snagsafe ensures your cable is detached from the tip safely without harming either your charging cable, tip or device.

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PBV and Military-grade Material


The build of the Volta Charger is such that it can withstand diverse extreme situations. Produced using PBV nylon-braiding and super-strong military-grade materials, the cables come with a specialized ‘anti-fray protection’ technology for both ends of the cable.

Multiple Charging Standards for Multiple Devices

Another unique feature of Volta Magnetic Charger is the broad range of charging standards you’re able to get. No matter what charging standard your device supports, be rest assured that we’ve got just the right cable for you. In fact, you can get Warp Charging on your OnePlus warp-charging device using the Volta 2.0. Fast Charging, Quick Charging, Dash Charging, Warp Charging, SuperCharging, and USB-C Power Delivery are among the charging standards you’ll enjoy using the Volta Charger.

Special Carrying Case

For no extra cost at all, you will receive a special carrying case for your tips, power brick, and cable. You would have no reason to rummage your bag every time you need to charge.

Fast Data Transfer

Just as you get to charge your phone at a more rapid pace, you also get to transfer data very fast using some of the most recent technology.

Amazing Customer Support

No company is complete without a customer service department that genuinely cares for the customer. Volta Charger’s care goes beyond just the customer service team. Every aspect of the customer’s journey with Volta Charger is streamlined in a way to satisfy the customer’s every need.

Lifetime Warranty

Our confidence in what we provide to you is immense and for this reason, Volta Charger has a lifetime warranty on all cables you purchase from us. No one else can do this.

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