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HiBed - The Second Generation Smart Bed from Hi-Interiors

HiBed - The Second Generation Smart Bed from Hi-Interiors

90% of our time is spent indoors, and the furniture is a major characteristic that shapes how this space is defined and its overall effect on us. However, unlike most products, the furniture has managed to remain detached from the world of today, a tech world - until now.

Hi-Interiors is an innovation that blends the furniture industry with sophisticated technology to offer us a deeper and intimate connection that changes the bed experience.

Its first smart bed was an attempt to drag the bed into the 21st century, combining smart technology with elegant design to create a bed that not only looked stunning but also aided sleep and provided a personal cocoon to sleep and relax on your terms. The result was HiCan, introduced in the luxury market involving early adopters through an atypical Indiegogo campaign in 2016, delivering the first items in 2017 and launched with great fanfare at Milan Design Week to transform the way you look at beds forever.

The great minds behind these creations, Ivan and Gianni said, "We dream of a world in which our living space will listen to us more and more and will be the key to our well-being, becoming our next and ultimate walk-in smart device."

“We see ourselves as early explorers of the Internet of Furniture,” the company explains. “We started reinventing the bed, which is the single piece of furniture where we spend the majority of our life.” 

The design of the HiCan and the new HiBed is a contemporary cocoon equipped with state-of-the-art technology for wellness, entertainment and health monitoring that syncs seamlessly with your smart device.

Incorporating tech devices into the bed, they enjoy built-in lights, video, music, fragrances, and automated movements. All of these are managed using an open-source software platform and app that allows third parties to include new features.

HiCan and HiBed monitor the user's movements and interact to ensure more proper rest, being able to avoid or minimizing snoring, automatically adjusting the temperature according to the preferences of the sleeper phase, and providing courtesy lighting when you wake up. Personalized concierge services also kick in when you wake up, like a smart clock, weather updates, and traffic information.

There is dimmable lighting, an adjustable bed base, motorized blackout curtains, and wifi connection built-in. There is a full HD projector with a 70- inch theatre screen, high-quality sound system with builtin, invisible speakers – perfect for a private cinema experience catching up on the latest box sets on a lazy weekend. And you know you will get a great night’s sleep thanks to sleep and biometric monitors that can control your environment and even keep track of your weight. The latest beds will also include voice control.

Hi-Interiors believes that the hospitality market is crying out for such an innovative sleeping experience, which can facilitate also the creation of building automation scenarios and sleep coach services – providing hotel guests with a truly unique stay where the bed is the primary focus.

The Campaign for the HiBed is now open. The first 100 early birds will have a special guarantee, a refundable deposit of 20%, delivery within the first half of 2020 and the right to enjoy an exclusive 20% OFF “Early Birds" discount.

You can enjoy HiBed at a starting price of 15,000€. Join the HiBed waiting list on www.hi-interiors.com or send an email to info@hi-interiors.com to guarantee your pre-order.

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