Travel Charger - How to Keep Your Phone Charged When You Travel

Travel Charger - How to Keep Your Phone Charged When You Travel

Are you a travel enthusiast? Then you must have had your fair share of travel charger issues. Or would you rather remain indoors all day and never bother leaving your city in years? The truth is at one time or the other, we all need to embark on a journey that can easily leave us drained of energy as well as power on our mobile phones. Times like these, what you need is to rest and get your phone charged. But do you have to wait till your flight touches down to rest and charge your phone? Either you are journeying by road or by air, it can be quite challenging to have viable charging options for your phone.

At the airport, the crowd in wait to use the available power outlets is overwhelming, and you have a lesser chance of being able to charge before you board your flight. You may indeed find a portable power adapter with multiple faces to charge more than one device. However, most of these adapters will not provide the necessary charging speed that would boost your phone to a full-power throttle in less time.

Or do you believe you would use the comfy sockets next to your seat on the airplane? While you may opt for this option, you can expect your phone to trickle-charge, giving you only a few percentages in so many hours. If you want to know more about why your smartphone doesn't charge at full speed, we discussed it here.

However, if you journey in your car, yours is a different story. Gone were the days when all the power being generated by your vehicle was going to total waste. Now, you can easily buy a car charger on Amazon and get your phone juiced up. But just like the man on the plane, you are limited to having your phone struggle to add a percentage. You equally have to battle the insane temperature that your phone might suffer while using such car chargers.

But is it all terrible when it comes to charging while you are traveling? Maybe not. All you need to do is find a reliable way to get your phone charged in every one of the scenarios discussed above.

The best kind of solution to problems are the ones that look very easy but work seamlessly. The new Volta 2-in-1 Power Brick is a convenient solution to getting juiced up at the airport and on the airplane. It provides you with a USB-C Power Delivery port, which means you get to charge your Macbook Pro as well. Alongside the USB-C port, you also get a USB-A port to charge a variety of devices. You are certain to get faster charging on compatible devices using the 30W Capacity Power Brick. You can read more about the VOLTA 30W 2 Port Compact Type C and USB A Power Brick Charger.

However, if you are a car person, Volta Car Charger will help keep your focus on the road while your phone charges at blazing speed. Your phone also remains safe as the car charger has technologies to battle overcharging, overheating, and excessive current. You can read more on how to Charge on the Go using Volta’s Car Charger here.

Now, you worry less about getting your phone charged while also trying to conserve your energy. A quick nap while on your flight may help. But please, don’t sleep and drive.

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