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Charge on the go with Volta Car Charger

Charge on the go with Volta Car Charger

Did you know you can get more battery time in just a few minutes of charging on the go? That's right. Car chargers are a blessing to the world and the Volta Car Charger promises to be a huge plus to your world. 

A single Volta Car Charger works with a wide range of devices, delivering a full-speed charge within your short travel time.

Multiple Devices, One Car Charger

The Volta Car Charger is fitted with both a USB A and USB C port to charge a wide array of devices. Having both ports means two devices can charge simultaneously and seamlessly. Most USB-A and USB-C powered Android and Apple smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers are compatible with the Volta Car Charger.

Optimum Charging Speed

You shouldn't have to worry about reduced charging speed because we have optimized this car charger to enable USB Power Delivery 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0 and SuperCharge. All you have to do is sit back and let these future-proof fast charging technologies give your battery the big boost it needs at up to 27W of power.

Safety is Priority

With these very fast charging technologies comes a lot of heat. We have considered this and provided built-in safeguards to ensure you and your devices are safe from excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

Let's Take All Your Worries 

We don't want any customer to feel terrible all because they purchased our product. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and an 18-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card on this product.

We want to join you on your next drive, why don't you take us with you and see just how perfect we fit each other.


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