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Volta Magnetic Charger and Your Phone Case - How Do They Work Together?

Volta Magnetic Charger and Your Phone Case - How Do They Work Together?

If you don’t know already, then you should know that when you buy a Volta Magnetic Charger, you need a magnetic tip to ensure you get your phone charged. This magnetic tip can be of three types, Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB. We always recommend that you leave the magnetic tip inside your phone. This way, connecting the cable to your phone when you need to charge becomes fast and seamless, and that is the whole purpose of using a magnetic charger.

A recurring question we’ve had from our customers is how the magnetic tip of our charger will align with their phone case. In the production of our magnetic tips, we engineered them to ensure that while using your phone with our tip inserted in the phone, you can feel almost no disturbance.

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See below for the dimensions used in constructing the different tips for Volta XL and Volta 2.0.

Volta XL - USB-C TipVolta XL USB-C Tip

Volta 2.0 Micro USB TipVolta 2.0 Micro USB Tip

Volta 2.0 USB-C TipVolta 2.0 USB-C Tip

Volta 2.0 Lightning TipVolta 2.0 Lightning Tip


We follow on our word to provide you with a product that not only improves your efficiency and charging experience but also keeps you comfortable in every way possible.

Volta Magnetic Charger on Phone with no Phone Case

But how does it look when you have the tip inserted into your phone that has a phone case?

Volta Magnetic Charger on Phone with Phone Case

The tips are almost unnoticeable when your phone has a phone case. So whether you use a phone case or not, the Volta Magnetic Charger fits perfectly with your phone.

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