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Volta Charger - Black Friday Cyber Monday ToDo List

Volta Charger - Black Friday Cyber Monday ToDo List

The biggest sales holiday of the year is once again upon you. You must have plans, schedules, and reserved funds for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These shoppings are all in preparation for Christmas and gifts for our loved ones. While you may have fulfilled your part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many stores have announced they will be closed for the holidays. That is sure to hurt a great deal.

These are some tips from us to help you make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday a huge success.

  1. Create a Black Friday Wishlist: Pick a notebook and list the things you really really want. It is not surprising that on Black Friday, you can begin to pick things you don’t need all because they come cheap or they are being sold by a retailer you happen to love. This can spell doom for you in the long-run. So, create a list of what you’d want to get for Black Friday and stick to it when the day comes.
  2. Create your accounts ahead of time: When Black Friday begins, there would be a lot going on, and within minutes, some sales would have ended. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the deals you’ve been anticipating, so we suggest that you should create your accounts on the sites you’ll be ordering from. That way, you can go straight to catching your deals before they are gone.
  3. Give yourself a budget and stick to it: Black Friday is the day when more than half of shoppers will buy without a second thought, and this most times, only end up with you wishing you had taken a breather before making that purchase. What you need to do is set a budget for your Black Friday and no matter what, stick to it. It is no easy thing to do, but it sure would pay off at the end. Although, you’re allowed to make some important purchases that you hadn’t thought of beforehand.
  4. Do not tire to Research: So many deals are flying around you already, and so many more will come before you until Black Friday is done. However, everything is not as it seems. You want to make sure you are not going for a deal that is in no way competitive with others offering the same product. But you also don’t want to go for a product that is offered at a ridiculous price and has a ridiculous quality. Your only solution to this? Research. You may want to look at the likes of this article to give you insight into competing products so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Should You Set an Alarm? Maybe you should. Some of the stores you have your eyes on to shop have deals that are time-limited. You have to be punctual not to miss out on their deals. If this is your case, then you need an alarm that would wake you up should in case you fall asleep before the time for the sales starts counting.
  6. Watch out for Scams: Black Friday is just what scammers need to bag in their victims. Those too-good-to-be-true offers and mouth sizzling deals should be considered critically more than once. You should also think about updating your anti-malware software to keep you safe from sites that want to steal your credit card information

    Volta, however, is set to make all of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Superdeals a dream come true. Our 2019 Black Friday sales promise to go beyond previous years'.

    More sales for us isn’t just about profit. We started Volta so that we can reach out to those in need and help them in our little way. Volta will be giving out from our proceeds during the holiday sales to communities and families that need help. Read more about that here

    Amazing offers will be available to each of our customers. Days before 29th November, which is Black Friday, our customers will enjoy price slashes on every one of our products in-store. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will get up to 50% off on our products. 

    As the days get closer, we will release more information on other deals our customers will enjoy.

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