Volta Magnetic Charger vs Nomad Charging Cable - What’s Different?

Volta Magnetic Charger vs Nomad Charging Cable - What’s Different?

Volta Charger, in its few years of operation, has released products that have been in competition with established brands in the niche. Because of the authenticity and durability of all Volta Magnetic Chargers, it has come to become the world's strongest magnetic charger without a doubt. However, comparing against Nomad, the mobile accessory company based in California, how do Volta cables perform? Below is a summary comparing the features of the cables from the two companies. You can decide for yourself which would be worth spending your money on.

Cable Build


The Nomad Charging Cable is built with tightly double-braided Kevlar fibers and a Kevlar central core. The exterior is made of a metal housing, and the connector housing is built of metal alloy for reliable and long-term charging.

Volta Magnetic Charging Cable is made of durable PBV nylon-braiding from military-grade materials. This defeats the issues of your cable getting tangled or breaking ever again. The outer case is made of anti-scratch aluminum shielding to both protect you from electrical shock, and also keep your charger clean for the longest time possible.

Universal Cable with Multiple Tip Types

Nomad Charging Cables consist of three different tip types, Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning. The tips are separated on different cables for most of their products, except for their Universal cables, which contain more than one tip type on a single cable.

Volta Magnetic Charging Cable also works with the recognized three different USB tip types for most devices - Micro USB, USB-C, and LIghtning. Rather than buying three different cables to use each tip, you can use a single cable for all three tip types without any hassle.

Collar Design and Build

Nomad uses a well-engineered strain relief support system for the collar of their cables to prolong the lifetime of the cable since this is where most cables develop faults.

The Volta Magnetic Charger uses an intelligent strain relief collar system on both ends of the cable. The anti-fray technology used in the collar ensures you do not have a cable broken at the collar for as long as you use the cable.


Like every other regular cable out there, Nomad Charging cable has no method to protect the cable or your device when you trip on the cable. You could injure yourself, damage the cable, and your device as well.

Similar to the MagSafe that used to be on the Macbook, the SnagSafe feature of the Volta Charger makes sure that when you do trip on your charging cable while it is in use, you do not damage anything. The cable will safely detach itself from the tip, and keep your cable and your device safe.

Magnetic Charger


The Nomad Charging Cable has no magnetic feature to any of its charging cable. You can get up to 100W of Fast Charging on the USB-C Universal Cable.

The Volta Charger has been a magnetic charger since inception. It uses N-52 grade Neodymium magnets with a 3600 orientation of the cable. Fast Charging, Warp Charging, and Dash Charging are all possible with the Volta Magnetic Charging Cable. You also enjoy up to 100W USB-C Power Delivery charging on the Volta XL.



Considering the engineering and durability of their products, Nomad gives a lengthy 5 Years Warranty on their charging cables.

Like no one else has ever done, Volta Charger offers a lifetime warranty on all magnetic charging cables. You are promised a lifetime of charge using a single cable, and we will make sure you can hold us to our word.



The Nomad Charging Cables are priced between $24.95 and $49.95 (US Dollars)

Volta Magnetic Charger settles in the price range of $13.5 and $28 (Australian Dollar).


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