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Building Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide - The Volta Christmas Language

Building Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide - The Volta Christmas Language

It’s Christmas again, and you are feeling the air riddled with festivities. The celebratory vibe that comes with the holiday lasts for days and even crosses into the new year. Yet the threshold of Christmas is the abundance of love that goes around. Everywhere you turn, you are sure to see the love blazing in everyone’s eyes.

With so much feeling suffusing from one person to the other, it becomes difficult for you to ignore that hunger to reach out and share from the big pot of love overflowing in you. This is how the tradition of gifting during Christmas began. However, with time, it has only become harder to decide how to share the love you have with another because at the end of the day, it’s not really about you, but about the other person.

Family, friends, neighbors, community members, colleagues, fellow supporters, and so many other groups that you form with other people are just a few of the people you have in mind when Christmas comes around. You begin to wonder what would Derrick your dog walker wants as a Christmas gift. Would he also love a ticket to an Opera opening in January of 2020 like you would? Maybe not.

At the end of the day, when you come up with a list of what you’d get everyone for Christmas, you are drowned in the task of getting each of those gifts just in time for Christmas. The same headache you have when it’s Christmas is the same I have, but some years back, I figured out a good way to make Christmas gift shopping one of the exciting moments in my year. This guide is to give you gift suggestions that practically everyone would love to get. Of course, there are such items in the market, you just have to read this guide to the end.

This gift guide would section the different gift suggestions into gifts that are most suitable for a group of people.

The Fashionista

  1. The Prism Jewelry Tray - it’s a well-constructed prism container to display an array of exotic jewelry, and what’s best about it? It only goes for $20 on Shopbop
  2. Scarlett Two-piece Nesting Table - it’s the chic option for the house, and considering the extravagant look it would give a room, it is selling for a low $75.99 on Wayfair

The Country Lover

  1. Vintage Countryside Geese Ornament - For the person who loves to experience the country life, either they are far or near to the actual countryside. You can get the antique on Etsy
  2. Husqvarna Robot lawn mower - if you have someone who actually lives in the countryside, you can help them have an easier time by buying the robotic lawn mower that would keep their lawn on a low at al times. Shop it here

The Tech Enthusiast

  1. Amazon Echo Dot - you really don’t need to blow your head by trying to read up on all the technical jargon about the product. It is the best smart speaker you can get for below $30 on Amazon.
  2. Nintendo Switch - Do you know a die-hard gamer? Then your best bet is that they desperately want to own a Nintendo Switch if they don’t have one already. There are so many sweet deals on Amazon to buy one for your gamer friend.

The Mummy

  1. Free Spa Day - it is indisputable that mommies are one of the superhumans to have ever walked the earth, but every superhero also deserves time to rest. Pay for that mommy to get a free day at the spa. She would love you forever for it.
  2. For Fox Sake Mug - don’t let your mind run wild with that thought. It’s only a mug, but that mum would always have a smile on her face when she sees your Christmas gift. You can find it on Prezzybox.

Do you remember what I mentioned earlier in this guide? That particular item will be perfect for anybody, and I mean anybody. There are not so many of such items, but one that is sure to be useful to all and sundry is the Volta Magnetic Charger. Even your great grandmother owns an iPhone now. But do you want to really keep her stressed all because she needs to have her phone charged for you to be able to reach her whenever you want?

Volta Magnetic Charger removes all the hustle from charging your phone. All you need to do is insert the magnetic tip into your phone one time. Every time you need to charge, move the tip close to the cable and tip and cable will connect automatically. This charger also gives you fast charging capabilities, safe-disconnect, military-grade materials for its construction, and a lifetime warranty on all cables. What can be a better deal than one that lasts for a lifetime?

What Volta Has For You This Holiday Period.

While you can get a Volta Magnetic Charger as a gift for your loved ones, Volta has bundles of gifts to share with you. We want to make this celebratory mood easy and cheap on you, so we have come up with a few deals JUST FOR YOU this Christmas.

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  2. 3 Days of Holiday Sales: From 17th to 19th December, you will get 30% off all our products to celebrate the Holidays.
  3. Blog Contest: To reward some of our amazing blog readers, there will be a blog contest on 20th December, and winners will get free products from us.

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