This is Why Your Smartphone Charges Slowly

This is Why Your Smartphone Charges Slowly

It can be insane when you have to charge your phone for 7 hours before you can get 85%. In this age where various fast charging technologies can get your phone from 0-50% in just thirty minutes, you would be the odd one out to have a phone that takes forever to charge. There are several reasons why your phone just won’t get more than 1% every five minutes.

  1. Faulty Charger: This is one of the common causes of your phone’s slow charge. Most times, you forget that the cables you buy for your phone can only withstand so much physical strain and stress. The constant tug and pull when you suddenly stand up, the twisting and every other abuse you can think of will over time degrade the quality of your cable. Just a few charging cables can boast of a lifetime warranty no matter what you throw at it. Your connector sometimes also gets loose and doesn’t stay firm inside your phone. Get yourself a charger with high-quality copper connectors, and not the cheap ones using aluminum.
  2. Wrong Charger: Truly, a charger might be in perfect working condition, but it just doesn’t charge your phone the way it is supposed to. That may be because it isn’t meant for your phone. Most times, the problems lie in the way you match charging cables and power adapters. If you are not using cables and adapters provided by your phone manufacturer, then you need to ensure that any third party cable and adapter you use are compatible to give you the maximum speed possible for your smartphone.
  3. Power Source: For most people who are always on the move, it can be difficult to find a wall socket that gives you a direct connection to the mains power. In such cases, you end up using your laptop, or low-quality power banks as your power source. You can be sure that your phone won’t be charging at its top speed. Also, for those who use wireless charging, one of the sacrifices to be able to enjoy the technology is that you get a lesser charging speed compared to the fast charging available when you use cables.
  4. You: Yes, you’re your own problem. How do you expect your phone to charge effectively if you won’t leave it alone to charge? Playing games, watching videos, browsing the net, or using multiple apps while charging does not help your situation. You can leave your phone alone for thirty minutes to take in as much juice as it can. Even better, either put in on airplane mode or switch it off completely. This would not only ensure it charges faster, but it also helps your battery’s health.
  5. Your Phone: If none of the other points discussed above happens to be what is causing your phone to charge slowly, then you need to look at the phone itself. Most times, you may be using an old phone with a worn-out battery or one that has a processor that cannot handle fast charging. You should not expect magic to happen. If your phone wasn’t built to fast charge, buying cables and adapters to make it charge faster would do more harm than good in the long run.

Do you still think none of these reasons are why your phone charges slowly? Or how long does your phone need to be fully charged? Let us know what you think in the comment.

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