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Google Pixel 4 Has Charging Issues - Here's How to Fix it

Google Pixel 4 Has Charging Issues - Here's How to Fix it

When the Google Pixel 4 phones were announced in October and released a little over a week after, there were high expectations from most people. Truth be told, some of the promised features in the Google Pixel 4 went beyond expectation, and others, well, let’s just say they weren't up to par. One of the things most people complain about is the small battery capacity of the phone that has so many processes to run. But what’s worse? You have a limited option when it comes to charging this particular phone. If you are the type who loves to charge their phone using any USB cable you can find, Google Pixel 4 is sure to teach you a lesson.

To be sure that the problem was not with the chargers, we tested a bunch of different cables, and the results we got were the same as our initial findings.

Before you get sucked into why this is happening, you need to understand what Google has done with the battery of the Pixel 4.

What is Google’s Problem?

Google is a big advocate for the USB Power Delivery technology on USB-C cables. Recently, they have been attempting to control the charging protocols other Android partners use on their devices. So many third-party gadgets do not work on Google Pixel phones. Despite not being shipped with a USB-C to 3.55mm adapters, Google Pixel 4 does not support some third party adapters that would have given you what you need.

The Power Delivery (PD) technology used on the Google Pixel 4 fast charges at 15W of power. However, from the multiple testing, all USB-A to USB-C chargers refused to work with the Pixel phone. The same cables that refused to work on the Pixel 4 worked just fine with other phones, Google Pixel 3 and 3a inclusive.

This is the Solution

All of these, however, doesn’t mean you can't get a charger of your choice that would fast charge your Google Pixel 4. Among the chargers tested, only a few were able to charge the Google Pixel 4, and fewer fast-charged the device. The Volta XL, a USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery Magnetic Charging Cable was among the few charging cables that continue to let you enjoy the fast charging on your Google Pixel 4.

The VOLTA XL stands out amid other chargers and is the perfect replacement for your original charging cable without you ever having to worry.

Constructed with Military-grade materials to give you a tangle-free and collar-protected charging cable.

You enjoy the Snag Safe similar to Apple’s discontinued MagSafe feature. This offers extra protection to your device by detaching in cases of accidental tripping on the cable.

You get Fast Charging like never before while it delivers up to 87W of power to your device using the Power Delivery technology. Apart from your Google Pixel 4, you can also use it to charge your Macbook laptop.

You also get Safe Magnetic Connection that gives you instant charge and a 360-degree charging orientation, and non-intrusive charge-status LED.

Confident in the quality of all Volta Charger products, you get a lifetime warranty on all cables, including the VOLTA XL cables. This way, you save more than $90 every year from having to replace your cable again and again.


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