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Fast Charge with VOLTA 2.0

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VOLTA 2.0 revolutionizes the way you charge your devices and how many cables you need in your house or office. VOLTA 2.0 gives you super-fast charging for your Apple Lightning, Micro USB Android and USB-C devices. The heavy duty, tangle-free, braided nylon cable is virtually unbreakable and also offers data transfer capabilities. Jump from device to device seamlessly with the magnetic charging system and versatile charging tips. If you have multiple devices with different ports then the VOLTA 2.0 is for you! Be sure to choose the correct product for you and your devices, take a look at our comparison chart if you’re unsure which cable is right for you

  • Fast Charging QC 3.0
  • Huawei Dash/Warp Charge
  • OPPO VOOC Flash Charge
  • Data transfer USB 2.0
  • Snag proof (like MagSafe - Pets Proof & Kids Proof)
  • CarPlay & Android Auto
  • VOLTA lifetime warranty & 30 day money back guarantee
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Eco-Friendly Packaging Update

Please note that we are transitioning to eco-friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of this initiative, we no longer offer round containers. Thank you

Cord Length: 1M (3A)
Color: Black

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Meet Volta 2.0

Versatile. Durable. Efficient



  • Fast Charging



Without Volta

With Volta


Easy Connect & Detach

The snag-safe feature allows you to easily connect and disconnect, lowering the risk of tripping over cables and damaging your devices while saving you money on unnecessary repairs.

Fast Charging and Data Transfer

Experience super fast charging and seamless data transfer with the VOLTA 2.0 cable - the ultimate upgrade from your typical USB-A cable. Compatible with Warp Charge, Fast Charge, Dash Charge, Super Charge and Quick Charge.

One Cable to Charge All Your USB Devices

Made for your iPhones, Tablets/iPads, iPods, Android Micro-USB & USB-C Phones (QC 3.0), Game Controllers and All Micro-USB Devices.

Built for Extreme Durability

Say Goodbye to Messy and Frayed Cables

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Experience Seamless Charging


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Customer Reviews

Based on 446 reviews
Tristan Ives
Good product, blue led is way too bright

Everything about the Volta 2.0 cables is great, except the blue led on the end, I have to wrap electrical tape around it so I am not bothered by it next to my bed.

Geoff Kay

Fast Charge with VOLTA 2.0

Ian Phillips
Nice product, but the magent could be stronger.

I bought these for my wife, who has had several phones' usb ports fail on her over the years. These were an attempt to help her not stress out the USB port as much when using the phone while being charged. They work great when the phone is set down to charge, but in the car, or when the phone is being used during charging, the magnets have a tendency to come apart. Any considerable force on the magnets at an angle makes them separate. I'm not sure if stronger magnets are even possible at this scale, but it does seem to me like this usage case is just outside of what is intended. Otherwise, they work well. When charging overnight, or when the phone is left on the counter, it's great. It's nice to be able to just pop the magnet in place, and not have to worry about the USB port wearing out. Data transfer (using Android Auto) works great, when the magnets hold together. All in all, I feel like you just have to consider what you're going to be using this for, and make a decision based on that.

All is nice, but no fast charge for OP 7

Yeah, I know that my OnePlus 7 Pro quite old, but why just drop the support of WarpCharge?
It cost additional money for licensing?

Christopher Yokota
Great gift

Bought a bunch of these cables to hand out as Christmas gifts. Everyone has loved the magnetic cables with interchangeable tips.