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At Volta, We foster meaningful partnerships with content creators and influencers to amplify our brand message and introduce innovative products to a wider audience.

We are on a mission to use technology as an outreach tool to promote education, improve the standard of living and provide medical aid to people from less-privileged backgrounds. Using a part of our profits to help the underprivileged. 
Collaborate with us, earn incentives, and inspire others to embrace Volta for a more impactful future.

Volta Care medical outreach in Lagos, Nigeria.

We welcome you to the VOLTA Family. #JoinVOLTACharger

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Use your social media platforms to promote Volta products in a way that engages your audience. Make sure to use our approved marketing materials and offer links.

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Every sale attributed to your referral links will earn you compensation, Your commission will increase as more sales are generated by your content.