VOLTA Spark - USB-C PD Fast Charger

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✅ Tough & Durable 💪 🔨

✅ CarPlay & Android Auto 🎵 🚗

✅ Data Transfer & Super Fast Charging 🔋 📲

✅ Buy Only Once, with a Lifetime Warranty 🤝 🥰

Length & Type: 1M/3.2FT (100W)
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Volta Spark - A cable that lasts forever, works well with Any Device and Never Breaks.

3 Magnetic Tips

The Volta spark tips have 18k Gold plated connectors and an N54 Neodymium magnet (world's strongest magnet)

Eliminates the Clutter Forever!

Stop wasting your money on weak, clumsy and slow charging cables that don’t last.
The revolutionary universal charging cable the world has been waiting for is here.


Connect Easily & Charge Faster

This super strong cable can be used to Super Fast Charge any device with a Micro USB, USB-C (Universal/Android) or Lightning port such as your Apple, Android Smartphone, Tablet, iPad/Laptops and even game consoles!
So go ahead and get your Volta Spark.


No More Mess

Without Volta

With Volta


Extra Protection with Snagsafe

With the SnagSafe Like MagSafe, VOLTA Spark offers an extra protection to your device by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord, while saving you expensive unnecessary repair bills.

Charge Anywhere On-The-Go

You can now transform your phone into a battery pack with VOLTA Spark. On-The-Go charging functionality allows you to share charge between your devices without the need for a charger or a power bank. 

Bends, But Never Breaks

The sturdy, anti-scratch aluminum shielding ensures the ‎lasting, pristine condition of the connectors. PBV braiding and intelligent strain-relief collars ‎on the cable give it astounding agility, strength, and flexibility to enable our cables to be ‎strong enough to lift a brick or pull a vehicle.

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