Volta Recharges Opebi Community

Volta Recharges Opebi Community

We have reiterated continuously our commitment to charity-based developmental projects in third-world countries. We have pledged a portion of our earnings to these same projects. In fact, this is the singular issue on which we get the most questions. That and “Your cables are so awesome, can I get another?”


When we first launched on Indiegogo, we pledged a portion of our earnings to rehabilitating a school in Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria. We are proud to say that not only did we renovate the school, but also we donated desks, chairs, books, and other materials to students in that school. We also took it one step further and provided full scholarships to over sixty (60) students in that school. You can read more about this on Our Mission page.


We are proud to say that on the 18th of May, 2018 we took our community efforts one step further by carrying out a medical outreach in Opebi, Ikeja community in South-Western Nigeria.



The World Health Organisation reports that in 2016, there were an estimated 216 million cases of malaria in 91 countries with Africa accounting for 90% of those cases and 91% of malaria deaths within that same time period. Children under the age of five are one of the most vulnerable organisations. Given these deadly statistics, we at Volta felt obliged to do something about it.



 That was the thrust of our medical outreach. We gave out over 200 insecticide-treated mosquito nets, tested residents of this slum community for malaria and general health, and gave out medication. We know that this does not amount to world domination but we are keen to do as much as we can within communities that need this


For every Volta cable you buy, you not only buy for yourself a wholesome charging experience but also you change someone’s life somewhere.

With you, we will continue to strive to make a difference.

This is who we are.

We are Volta and we care.

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