How Your Order Fed a Local Community in The Philippines

How Your Order Fed a Local Community in The Philippines

In the business world, it has always been about profit and nothing else. Companies and organizations put people through difficult times just so they can celebrate the increase in dividends for the next quarter. At VOLTA, we are determined not to create more hardship for the world. We would be human and lend a hand to the needy.

In past times, we have helped renovated schools in West Africa, donated books and laboratories, and also awarded 60 students full scholarships. You can read more about that here.



Also, in the Ikeja area of Lagos in Nigeria, we organized a medical outreach to the slums. We gave out more than 200 insecticide-treated mosquito nets and also provided free medication for malaria and other common illnesses in the area. You can read more about this here.

Just last month, we were in the Philippines, where we distributed food to the loving and welcoming people of Sitio Ugong Tiaong, Bulacan Community.



We know that these little we are doing is not enough to end poverty in the world, but we are determined to play our part in ensuring every human has some of the necessities of life.

 Volta Food Distribution Project in the Philippines - Volta Mission

While we birthed the idea, it's you, our own customers who have made it possible. From your orders, we have been able to raise enough money to ensure these little efforts of ours do not fade out. It is to you we are grateful for trusting us with your money and for helping us provide for those who are in need. We love you all, and we will continue to provide you with ultimate satisfaction. We are VOLTA, but most importantly, YOU are VOLTA.


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