Volta Cares: Promoting academic excellence in children from low-income communities

Community school children holding books by Volta Drive

Volta's goal for 2023 is to reach out to over 20,000 primary school students in underprivileged  communities and provide them with materials such as exercise books, mathematical sets, calculators, and backpacks to ensure a smooth academic journey.


As part of our first pilot project, we visited two primary schools in the Badagry local government area on December 15, 2022. The teachers greeted us warmly and eagerly helped us identify the classes with students in dire need of school supplies. 

Every child should have a stress-free educational experience. It broke our hearts to see the situations of these kids, who had to reuse their old exercise books from their previous classes just to have paper to write on in their new classes, carry their books around in polythene bags, and walk barefoot to school because they didn't have any sandals, leaving them vulnerable to injuries from sharp objects. 

However, we found great inspiration in the Primary 5 and 6 students, who, despite difficulties and a lack of supplies, gave their all to studying for their promotion exams.


Volta care school outreach

In the head teacher’s words 

"The students in Primary 5 and 6 are in desperate need of these resources because they cannot afford new writing materials and are currently preparing for their promotional exam into secondary school (high school)."  

At Volta, we are driven by the desire to provide these children with the tools they require to excel and achieve academic excellence, and we will continue to do our best to support and provide for their needs to ensure that they have a smooth academic journey because we know that education is the foundation of excellence. With every item purchased from Volta, you give a kid a chance at a better education.

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@Samnuel Torres, yes. One reason I support the brand. Very commendable.

Samuel Torres

Samuel Torres

Up to date volta still helping kids??

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