VOLTA Spark: All The Cables You Need In One Cable

VOLTA Spark: All The Cables You Need In One Cable


More often than not, when you look at all the devices you own, you realize that you have too many cables lying around. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, Macbook Pro 19 have different charging cables, not to mention if you own a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. 

One big dilemma you face is getting a cable that would charge all your devices at their proprietary charging speed. It is almost impossible to have this, but VOLTA Spark changes that narrative. VOLTA Spark is an affordable charging solution that allows you to charge all your devices. You read that right, all your devices, with a single cable at an impressive speed. 


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More cables = More clutter = An unhappy and irritated person.

Benefits of Switching to VOLTA Spark

One cable for all your devices 

VOLTA Spark is a universal magnetic cable that charges absolutely any device you own that uses either a micro USB, USB-C, or lightning tip. VOLTA Spark is the only cable that works across this vast range of devices without compromising on the charging speed of any of the devices.

VOLTA Spark Benfits

Fast Charge and Power Delivery

Your Macbook requires Power Delivery to be able to charge very well. With its USB-C non-magnetic end, VOLTA Spark supports power delivery so that you can charge your Macbook Pro and other devices without any hassle.

SnagSafe like MagSafe

It is almost impossible that you totally avoid tripping over your cable or pulling it with too much force. Either of these situations can spell doom for not only your charger but also for your device. This extra cost is covered if you use VOLTA Spark. It easily disconnects the cable from your device when you trip or when you pull it out.

VOLTA Spark Benefits

Data Transfer

You no longer need to worry about getting extra cables or dongle before you can move files from your phone to your PC. VOLTA Spark supports data transfer from one device to the other at the speed of 480mbps. That's faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

On-the-Go (OTG) Charging

These days, the ability to share has improved the efficiency of many gadgets. So many devices can share charge between themselves. However, few cables support this progress, thereby limiting the function and efficiency of the devices. VOLTA Spark lets you share charge between two devices that support on-the-go charging. 

VOLTA Spark benefits

Lifetime Warranty

VOLTA Charger employed the best technologies to create the most durable charger anyone will ever own. From the military-grade cables using advanced interlocking tech to the N52 neodymium magnets, the most durable magnet in the world, VOLTA Spark is a product to outlast your every other cable. This is why there is a lifetime warranty on all VOLTA Spark Charging cable.

CarPlay and Android Auto Enabled

Accidents have happened because people needed to get something done on their phones while driving. These are avoidable accidents when you use hands-free techniques to operate your phone while driving. VOLTA Spark supports CarPlay and Android Auto to enable you to focus on your drive.



Using a regular charging cable most times can cost you $100 on average yearly. It doesn't take into consideration the damage cheap cables can do to your device. Despite its many functions to make your life easier and improve your efficiency, VOLTA Spark costs less than half of what you spend on a year for charging cables. Even better, VOLTA Spark will outlast ten (10) regular charging cables. That's a lot of money to be used for something productive.

Get VOLTA Spark on Indiegogo now. Early Bird Discount still available.


  • Advanced Interlocking technology on the cables
  • Military-grade cable materials (lasts 10X more)
  • N52 Neodymium magnets
  • Three magnetic tip types (USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning)
  • USB-C non-magnetic end
  • Supports up to 100W for Power Delivery
  • Supports Fast Charge on iPhone and other USB devices, Super Charge, and Adaptive Fast Charge
  • 480mbps data transfer speed
  • Smart LED to indicate charge-status
  • Bending Support on the collar to prevent breaking at the collar
  • USB-C OTG enabled

VOLTA Spark Specification

What's in the Box?

  • VOLTA Spark Cable
  • Two magnetic tips (any of USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning)
  • Tip removal tool
  • VOLTA velcro cable-stay
  • VOLTA carrying case

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