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The Best Fast Charger for All Your Devices

The Best Fast Charger for All Your Devices

You wake up, ready to get on with the day, and make something of it. You rush to the bathroom, have a quick shower. Before you begin to dress up, you check your phone only to find out you didn't switch your socket on the previous night. Now that your phone's battery is dead, would you leave the house with no charge on your phone? You either charge your phone for the little time you have, leaving with less than 10% or nothing at all.

This and more are the headaches you suffer almost every morning. Even when you're home all day, you don't want to spend unending hours trying to get your battery half-full.

The ideal solution for this is a fast charger that juices your phone to 50% in thirty minutes. Usually, the charger (cable and adapter) that comes with your phone gives you this advantage, but it doesn't last long. You're faced with a cable that breaks easily or stops fast charging in no time.

You feel you've found the solution, only for it to slip through your fingers. But maybe not.

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Smartphone companies will deter you from buying third-party chargers for your smartphones. While some may be concerned for your phone’s health, the truth is there are more than a handful third-party chargers that are of better quality compared to the one that comes in the box with your phone. 

The Best Fast Charger for Samsung

Best Fast Charger for Samsung

Recently, Samsung has refused to package the charger you need to get the most out of their smartphones' charging experience. You spend extra dollars after spending a significant chunk on buying a new smartphone. A suitable replacement for a Samsung fast charger that costs less and lasts longer is VOLTA Spark. VOLTA Spark promises you a lifetime of undisturbed charging, quality material build and a safety mechanism for your phone’s general well-being.

The Best Fast Charger for iPhone

Best Fast Charger for iPhone

The best charger for your iPhone would be one that can easily fast-charge your iPhone X, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone11 Pro Max and more. VOLTA Spark is the one solution to slow charging and weak cables that would save you time and money.

The Best Power Delivery Charger for Macbook and USB-C Laptops

VOLTA Spark Fast Charger

USB-C has changed the atmosphere of USB connections and fast charging protocols over the years. More laptops now come with a USB-C port for charging using power delivery to provide the safe and adequate power required. The ideal charging cable you should consider to help with this is the VOLTA Spark. It delivers up to 100W of power and has the SnagSafe like MagSafe feature to keep your laptop safe when you pull at the cable.

Best Fast Charger in 2020

For the year 2020, these are our top best fast chargers.

  1. VOLTA Spark
  2. VOLTA XL Improved
  3. VOLTA 2.0
  4. Anker Powercore II Poweriq 2.0
  5. Samsung 45-watt USB-C Wall Charger

You should check out the VOLTA Spark campaign on Indiegogo.

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