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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review - Special Package Available for You

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review - Special Package Available for You

As is tradition, Samsung launches a new Galaxy Note every second half of the year. Ever since the South Korean company unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, there has been a buzz as the crowd anticipated the final launch of the phone to the public.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series was launched on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, in New York in an event that had some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

However, unlike other Note releases, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is releasing three different Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models - Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. But this isn't all that's surprising about this new Samsung release. 

Keep reading, there are more surprises for you.



For the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G model, all that's different between it and the Note 10+ is the availability for 5G connectivity. Would you then say these specifications are not worth the hype?

Release Date

While this powerful device has been released, it wouldn't be available in the market until August 23. However, pre-order has started and there are mouth-watering deals if you decide to pre-order. For those in the US, on pre-order, you get a whopping $150 credit at the Samsung store thus saving you more money. While in Australia, pre-ordering automatically gets you the new AKG N700 Wireless Headphones priced at AU$499 free.

Besides these pre-order offers, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ at $1,099 (equivalent to AU$1,699 and £999) for the 256GB version while the 512GB version is available at the price of $1,200 which isn't available in the UK or Australia.

For the Note 10+ 5G, you can get it at $1,299 (equivalent to £1,099) but it isn't available in Australia. The 512GB version which is available in the US, UK, and Australia is selling at $1,399(equivalent to £1,199 and AU$1,999.)

What we know regarding Samsung Note is that they always try to make them as big as possible but this year, Samsung diverted a little from this in the smaller Samsung Note 10 version. It is only 6.3-inch but this isn't all. To justify its low-price compared to the other models, the Note 10 has a display of just 2280×1080 Full HD+, no expandable storage support, and a battery capacity of 3,500mAh. At the price it's selling, that's quite a good deal. Most especially if you'd prefer having a more handy phone and you can do without the extra and improved features of the other versions of the Samsung Note 10.


The Headphone Jack is Gone.

Yeah, you heard that right. The rumors are all true, there is no headphone jack in this new Note series, not on any of the versions. However, you can still enjoy your endless music and watch live streaming videos using the phone's USB-C port. You can use headphones with USB-C ports or with the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter that is included in Note 10.

Also, as it is rapidly gaining traction, you can use a Bluetooth headphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 supports the newest Bluetooth 5.0 standard which gives you minimal interference and a very long wireless range.

Breathe in the Colors. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes in amazing colors. The most interesting color is the captivating Aura Glow. The Aura Glow is a rainbow colorway that adapts into a different color and appearance based on the light hitting it. The device is also available in Pink, Blue, and Aura Red.

The S Pen

Every new year, there's always a new Note product and something that everyone looks forward to is the S Pen. Samsung never fails to keep improving the pen by adding newer features.

For the Note 10 S Pen, Samsung has included a new feature called Air Actions. You can now use the pen as a camera shutter button, zoom in and out of videos and shuffle between the different shooting modes available. This means you don't have to be holding your phone while using it. This should be exceptionally useful to those who are always on the move.

Also, a new feature called Air Doodle allows users to create wigs, mustaches and a lot more things on your camera frame. These drawings can easily be mapped on people's face in real-time using algorithms.

One last surprise 

You have read through this article, falling in love with this new device from Samsung, and you'd love owning it, so what's next? Apart from the sweet pre-order deal available, Volta will be giving out one Samsung Note 10 phone for free. kindly enter your info below. You'll be notified earnestly.

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