July Fourth is here, but it’s never too late to go out and make final preparations for ensuring this year’s celebration would be an unforgettable experience. Whether you’d be enjoying a delightful time in your house or spending the 4th of July with friends and family in your backyard, there are a few things that can help make the moments memorable. But not only do they create amazing moments for you, but some of them are also on for the 2019 July 4th tech promo.

1. Rylo 5.8K Video Cam

 Capturing moments has inevitably been a crucial part of celebrations. Why? We love to relive those memories and cherish the times we spent enjoying the moments. The Rylo 360 Video Camera is the consumer-friendly gadget you want for this. Recording high-resolution videos of the fireworks crackling in the sky and the reactions of those around you at the same time is unbeatable. What’s better? This video camera comes with a special cable for transferring your video from the device to your phone. You can currently buy Rylo at $299 which is relatively cheap compared to previous prices.

2. VECTORCOM Wristwatch Walkie-Talkie

July 4th is a holiday that brings many people together. This gathering most times can get rowdy to the extent that we lose sight of time and people. The simple solution to this is getting a wristwatch walkie-talkie. It resolves both issues at the same time; with just a glance at your wrist, you see the time with a back-lit LCD display. You also get built-in speakers with a cellular network for two-way communications. Hence, with just one device, you save time and stay connected.

3. 5amp Volta 2.0 Magnetic Cable

Everyone feels almost incomplete when they go around with a dead phone in their pockets. We all need to share our moments with friends and family not around us physically but with a low battery, this is virtually impossible. Volta Charger is the world’s strongest magnetic charger which you can take along with you wherever you go. Its tangle-free cables and sturdy magnetic tips assure you of a seamless charging experience even when you’re out amidst crowds in the spirit of celebration. What more? You can enjoy Volta Charger’s July Fourth sales promo 15JULY04

4. Turo

If your plans for Independence Day include you leaving your house, you can consider getting an incomparable experience.  So, let’s say you feel like riding a Bugatti Chiron, all you require is to seek someone who owns a Bugatti Chiron on the platform and borrow it. Until July 11, Turo is giving $50 off any rental you make on their platform as their July Fourth deal. Use the code 4JULY2019.

5. Hurom Slow Juicers

In all celebrations, there will constantly be food to go round and drinks to share. In the spirit of eating healthy, juices remain one way of never going wrong. Hurom is widely known for making expensive high-end juicers. However, they are offering 20% off a select few of their Juicers from July 1 to July 8.

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