Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Her and Him

Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Her and Him

Valentine's Day is around the corner,  if you're still struggling to find the ideal gift for your one true love, don't worry; we've got you covered.
Here are some ideas from the shop! These would fit wonderfully whether you were purchasing them separately or assembling a love box.


1. VOLTA Spark



Give your loved one a cord that counts when you shop the all-in-one Volta spark cable. This universal cable is not just easy to carry around, but it is the only cord your Val will ever need for all of their devices! Three gifts in one!


2. VOLTA Car ChargerVOLTA 2.0 Cable


If your spouse is always on the go, the Volta Car Charger and 2.0 Cable would be an ideal gift for them so they never have to worry about running into the house at the last minute to grab a cable.


3. VOLTA SparkVOLTA GIGA GaN Charger


This is a match made in heaven, just like you and your Val. Combine the Volta Spark with the Ultra-sleek Compact Giga GaN charger for the ultimate surprise!

All of these items are available at the store.
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Karen Cooper

Karen Cooper

Why do you not make car chargers anymore? I was looking to possibly buying one, but I can’t if there isn’t one.

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