How Volta Magnetic Charger Can Change the Gaming Experience.

How Volta Magnetic Charger Can Change the Gaming Experience.

For gamers, the advent of USB enabled game controllers came with a guarantee for more action and thrills but with much less concerns paid to the limits that the controller cables could have while charging during play.

For a few years now, various manufacturers have made attempts at rebranding the gaming experience using this technology; with the customer’s ultimate satisfaction set as number one priority.

Volta magnetic charger for gaming experience

Here at Volta, we saw this challenge as an opportunity to transform the gaming experience. This birthed the design of our Volta Magnetic Cable, especially the right angled cables. With a unique charging tip that fits perfectly into any device that has a micro-USB, USB-C or Apple lightning type port such as the Xbox 360 controller, Sony PS3 or PS4, and even PC gaming devices, we built them to fulfill the pressing needs for the perfect gaming experience.

The controller can be charged and explored thoroughly with Volta’s 100% focus given to enhancing the accuracy of the controller functionality  – it’d be just like the cable never left – but of course, without the (obviously outdated) cables tagging along like with the native Sony PS1 and PS2 gaming controllers. 

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So what's the catch here?

The Volta fast charge ability reduces charging time for these controllers, increasing play time and simultaneously keeping the gamer as far away from the game console and monitor as possible with its pretty long 1m to 2m USB cables.

The magnetic attraction is strong and effective due to the magnetized 18k gold plated needle tips and 24 AWG copper wires – the USB cable grips perfectly with the magnetic tip on the controller for an easy flow of data and lightning charge through the cables.

The meticulous craftsmanship of the Volta cable cannot be over-emphasized, as the varied concerns of gamers on different consoles (over the years) were critically evaluated; it is designed and crafted to ensure a smooth and fast data transmission rate, 3 layer military grade PVC protection and ultra-strong nylon cable covering that doesn’t wear or tangle.

And why should you get one?
The Volta magnetic cable is sleek and very easy to use with a standard USB at one end and an open magnet at the other end. Just connect the magnetic tip to the USB port and the open end of the cable will magnetically connect to and grip the tip seamlessly.

The normal fear would be to ask if this magnetism can wear off over the shortest possible period and then place the gamer in a situation where no one ever wants to be found? Well, the Volta magnetic cable has been built in with magnetized 18k gold needles that clip perfectly with the tip that is also magnetized.

Getting this cable will add to the fun you already catch with playing your favorite games on your preferred console. For our esteemed customers that are gaming fans, we are giving a 15% discount on this great product with a lifetime warranty.

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