Frequently Asked Fulfilment and Shipping Questions

Frequently Asked Fulfilment and Shipping Questions

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Our customers are our pride so we take our time to make them comfortable by explaining how and why we do what we do. That is why I’m going to take out a minute of your time to help explain some of your widely asked fulfillment and delivery questions.

Why we ship from Australia?

Of all the numerous questions we get from our costumers around the world on shipping and logistics, the most popular one seems to be why we ship from Australia. Briefly, I'm going to explain that to you. Volta Charger is an Australian Company and our fulfilment center is located in the Gold Coast. So its more easier and effective to use AUSPOST for deliveries. It is also safer, faster and allows us to monitor and manage our logistics and deliveries from Australia. Even though AUSPOST does not completely deliver orders outside of Australia, they ensure that the package gets to the customer by liaising with the local post office or special delivery agency in the country where the order is to be delivered to make the delivery process a more reliable one.

Why we Sell in USD?

Another Important and widely asked question is why we sell in USD. Well its simple, We sell in USD because USD is a universal currency that is globally accepted. It is actually easier to transact in USD but then again we have a currency converter on our website that allows customers to choose a preferred currency and the price will be converted to the selected option Instantly.

How long is our duration of delivery?

Deliveries normally takes between 3-10 working days excluding holidays, weekends and the number of days the item spends at your local customs. Orders are usually processed 24hours after it is placed to allow a time frame for any cancellation or correction to be made. This is done because as soon as the order is printed after 24 hours, no changes can be made on it. To cancel, make a change or correct an order. Contact our customer service agents Via the live chat  or send us a request via  email not less than 24 Hours from when the order was placed. Get your order details (Order number and email address used in placing the order) ready to make the process faster. If you need to change the shipping address, your first message should also include the new/correct shipping address to expedite the process.


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Samantha Raney

Samantha Raney

Hey, I ordered on Sunday, May 7, and I havent gotten any updates in regards to being shipped. When I ordered it said 2-3 business days, and a max of 2 day processing time. I would like to either receive my order or get a refund if its not been sent.

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