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How To Place An Order on VOLTA Charger

How To Place An Order on VOLTA Charger

Good to have you here! Does this mean you have decided to place an order on VOLTA Charger? Awesome! It’s the perfect time to experience the power of the VOLTA Charger, and be a member of the VOLTA Family. Thank you for choosing us!

In this article, we will go over the easy steps to take when placing an order with us;

  1. Visit our website;
  2. Click on the product of your choice
  3. Carefully read the description of the product(s), and go through the compatibility chart to know the best choice to make.
  4. Find out what our customers are saying about us, in the reviews section.
  5. When you’re sure you like the product, choose your specifications in color, tips, and length
  6. Add items to your cart
  7. Proceed to checkout via our ‘Express Checkout” option or continue shopping
  8. Enter required information for shipping and proceed to payment option
  9. Add discount code (if available)

Await the fastest charging cable you’ll ever own!

Welcome to the VOLTA Family.

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