5 User Friendly Gadgets Currently Selling On Indiegogo

5 User Friendly Gadgets Currently Selling On Indiegogo

 Thinking of what gadget to purchase on Indiegogo can be quite confusing due to the numerous gadgets selling on the platform. Check out these five user-friendly gadgets that you can purchase.


  1. Voltermanis the World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet with Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot and Anti-Thief Camera.

  1. Firefly: is the world’s first iPhone case that protects your phone and improves its connectivity, speed and battery life. Patented Super Antenna Technology is embedded inside the Firefly case which enhances your phone's global cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth signaling. This optimizes your phone allowing it to carve through network congestion and stream faster data.

  1. Volta Magnetic Adapter: The world leading Magnetic Adapter transforms your standard micro USB android cables into universal magnetic chargers! Not only will it transform your standard micro USB android cables into magnetic android cables. BUT it also enables you to charge any USB-C or Lightning (Apple) devices with the exchangeable magnetic tips with your single standard cable as well as support data transfer from your phone to laptop.

  1. PUP Scanis the world’s fastest connected pocket scanner that allows you to scan, store and share all types of documents (bills, books, contracts, pictures…) in just one click. It is tiny, lightweight, wireless, with a long-lasting battery.

  1. VOLTA Charger: is the World leading Magnetic Charging Cable that powers your all your devices, simply put, 1 Cable for all All Your Devices.

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