You Know it’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Your First Love - Volta 1.0

You Know it’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Your First Love - Volta 1.0

When did you meet your first love? For most people, the answer is High School. Most importantly, are you still with your first love? Our first loves will forever be dear to us, and we will never forget the impact they’ve had on us. Goodbyes are always difficult, and for those who have said goodbye to their first love, you know it is heartbreaking.

At Volta, we feel the same way today. Our first product of love to our community of customers, VOLTA 1.0, IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON OUR STORE. Although it hurts that you will no longer be able to buy the Volta 1.0 anymore, we are glad because of the lives it has touched, and the inspiration it gave us to create new products.

Volta 1.0 was first sold in January 2017, and in its 3 years of being on sale, we sold over 4,000 units. The Volta 1.0 was the first in the line of our military-grade tangle-free cable that lets you charge all your USB devices with one charger, and it delivered exceptionally. See what a Volta 1.0 customer said about it.

Linus Tech Tips, one of the world’s biggest tech reviewers on YouTube also used Volta 1.0, and he attested to the durability and efficiency of the magnetic charging cable.


Proceeds from the Volta 1.0 helped us reach out to schools and communities in Africa to help improve their education, health, and total wellbeing.


NOTE: All customers using Volta 1.0 can still apply for replacements of their cables and tips.

As much as it pains us to do this, we have to move on to more amazing products that the Volta 1.0 has made possible.



COMING SOON Volta Spark - The charging cable designed by, and made for you.

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