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Volta XL- Strength. Versatile. Beautiful. Fast. Taking inspiration from the coveted, magnetically- attaching MagSafe design.

Volta XL- Strength. Versatile. Beautiful. Fast. Taking inspiration from the coveted, magnetically- attaching MagSafe design.

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Featured on CNET, Linus Tech tips, Unbox Therapy, and loved by many around the world, the Volta XL fast charging USB-C cable, includes a built-in magnetic connector much like the MagSafe connector Apple removed from its MacBooks in the transition to USB-C for power. 

These next-gen fast charging magnetic charging cables raised over $335,000 on Indiegogo and shipped to over 5000 early adopters.



They’re made to last, and constructed of ultra-strong military grade nylon for amazing durability. When paired with a specialized ‘anti-fray protection’ technology that’s employed at either end of the cable, the Volta XL’s able to withstand all the rough and tumble of everyday use, no matter how compulsively you charge your device.



Volta has ensured that its cables past strict tests when it comes to reliability and durability, and as such, it can guarantee that its cables are 10 times stronger than any other cable on the market.



If you find yourself on the move quite a bit then you can share your devices’ charge thanks to the inclusion of a 56-ohm resistor within the Volta XL. That means, for instance, if your Nintendo Switch is getting low on power but your phone is pretty much full, you can plug one end into each and share the battery love.



Connect anyway and anyhow. The perfectly aligned rare Earth magnets got your back. Two perfectly complementary rare earth N52-Grade Neodymium–reversible magnets in a 360° orientation deliver a powerful and stable connection always.

Volta XL is mainly a charging cable and fully supports 67W USB-C power adapter charging for 15-inch MacBook Pro, 60W 13-inch MacBook Pro, HP Spectre, Windows Surface, Google Pixel XL/2 XL/ 3 XL, Galaxy s8, s9/Note 8, Note 9 or Android USB Type C devices (and more)! 

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 the Volta XL is simple and elegant, built with premium materials that blend seamlessly to give you maximum safety and durability.



The Volta XL magnetic cable features 2 bold yet, sleek colours Red and Black ranging in lengths 0.5m, 1m, and the best part 1.8m for our couch potatoes. How great is that!



The design and endurance of the Volta XL are both seriously top-notch, but how about its charging? Well, this particular cable offers super-fast charging, meaning it can charge devices up to 70% faster compared to standard 5W charging cables.

Not only that, the Volta XL supports 87W USB-C power-adapter charging for the likes of the demanding 15-inch MacBook Pro, or 60W charging for a 13-inch MacBook Pro. This also means that devices such as the iPad Pro, HP Spectre, Lenovo ThinkPad, Windows Surface, Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3 XL, Huawei Mate 20 Pro / Mate / Mate 20 / P20 Pro,  Galaxy Note 9 can all be juiced up at maximum speed with a Volta XL cable.


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