VOLTA Thunderclap Campaign

VOLTA Thunderclap Campaign

The all-new VOLTA Magnetic Adapter is finally here live on Indiegogo along with the release of the LIMITED Red VOLTA Cable that many have earnestly been waiting for.

The Indiegogo Campaign:

For those who are not aware of exactly what Thunderclap is. It's a platform where people show their support in a similar setting like that of a crowdfunding website but rather than money it's by using their social media accounts to share a prewritten message that will automatically be posted on your chosen social platform at a specific time IF the goal of the campaign is reached. It works very simply, the campaign requires a certain minimal amount of support in our case it's 100 people. And it gives you three ways to support the campaign. The first option is by scheduling the prewritten message about the new Magnetic Adapter on your Facebook page, the second option on your Twitter account and your third option is sharing the message on Tumblr. 

The point of this is that we get as many people sharing the same message on various platforms and accounts around the world all at the same time and hopefully get some trending! 

As a thank you from us for your extra support towards the campaign we are giving away a FREE GIFT to every single person who supports the campaign!



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