Understanding Speed & Standards for Your Devices

Understanding Speed & Standards for Your Devices

The buzz around smartphone chargers is getting louder than ever, and for good reason. With the European Union mandating USB-C as the standard charging port for all mobile devices and similar discussions heating up in the US legislation, the future of charging is poised for a shift. While this might seem like a technical headache for many, it can be an empowering opportunity to understand the labyrinth of charging options like speed, standards, Qi and compatibility.This post equips you with the knowledge to navigate these charging options like a pro, ensuring your devices are fuelled up efficiently and safely.

Explaining Charging Speeds:

Gone are the days of slow, trickle charges. Today, charging speeds vary significantly:

  • Standard Charging (5W): The classic, but slow, option for most basic devices.
  • Fast Charging (10W-20W): Provides a noticeable speed boost, perfect for topping off your phone on the go.
  • Power Delivery (PD) Up to 100W: The powerhouse for power-hungry laptops and tablets, offering rapid charging in record time.

Remember, though, faster isn't always better. Your device dictates the supported speed. Exceeding its limits can damage the battery or charger. This is where understanding standards comes in.

Navigating Charging Standards:

Two main standards dominate the scene:

  • USB-A: The familiar rectangular port, often limited to standard charging.
  • USB-C: The versatile, oval-shaped port that supports everything from 5W to 100W PD charging.

It's crucial to check your device's compatibility before plugging it in. Using an incompatible charger can be ineffective or even harmful. But what of Qi wireless charging you might ask.

Qi wireless charging explained:

Wireless charging technology, like Qi, offers a convenient alternative, eliminating the need for cables altogether. However, it's important to understand its limitations. Qi charging speeds are generally slower than wired options, and compatibility varies depending on your device and charging pad. Still, for those prioritizing convenience, Qi presents a valuable option in the charging landscape

Voltacharger is here to help

At Voltacharger, we understand the charging confusion. That's why we offer a range of products designed for compatibility, speed, and safety:

Volta Spark Cable: The strongest magnetic charger for your device. This versatile USB-A to USB-C cable supports both standard and fast charging, ensuring seamless connection with various devices. It is equipped with the three USB types. It saves you the stress of buying multiple USB cables for your range of devices. Read more here 

Volta Spark USB TipsVolta GIGA 200W GaN Charger:

The ultimate powerhouse, featuring multiple USB-C ports with PD support up to 100W. Charge your laptop, phone, tablet, and more simultaneously, all at breakneck speeds.

Volta 200W GaN charger


Volta GIGA 65W GaN Charger:

A compact and powerful option with USB-C PD, ideal for fast charging your phone, tablet, and laptops.



These are just a few examples. Explore our diverse range to find the perfect Voltacharger for your needs!


  • Match the speed: Don't exceed your device's supported charging speed.
  • Check compatibility: Ensure the charger and cable are compatible with your device's port and standard.
  • Choose quality: Opt for certified chargers from reputable brands like Voltacharger for safety and optimal performance.

With this knowledge and Voltacharger by your side, conquer the charging jungle and keep your devices powered up for life's adventures!

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