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OPPO Unveils 125W Fast Charging - Flash Charging

OPPO Unveils 125W Fast Charging - Flash Charging


It is no longer a rumor that Oppo has also decided to join in the tech evolution race. The company recently announced its 125W fast charger that promises to charge a phone under twenty minutes. If that doesn't entice a bulk of OPPO lovers, I don’t know what would. For this fast charging mechanism to function, a few chips were newly included: AC/DC control chip and MCU charge management chipset amongst several others.

It is no secret that Oppo has become one of the pacesetters in creating fast charging standards seeing as they engineered the gear behind the Dash Charge system found in OnePlus phones; it has also yielded good results in its own devices. The rumors surrounding the introduction of this giant 125W charger is boundless. Some claim that the charger is capable of charging a 4,000mAh phone battery within twenty minutes and is capable of boosting the phone to 41% in only five minutes. If this is correct, then it would top Oppo’s previous record. If you didn’t know before that the phone which presently holds the world record for being the fastest charging phone was Oppo Reno Ace, now you know.

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Getting a fast charger of this capacity goes beyond just developing a newer and larger adapter that can be plugged into any other android phone in need of charging. It includes building the phone’s battery and the charging cable to better cater to the power so that no issues are arising. Oppo must be aware of the fact that charging a phone with this much energy would offset the degradation of any battery that comes in contact with the charger. Hence, it is safe to assume that they have found a way to keep the battery’s level under 40°C using the customized chip which is equipped with an additional ten temperature sensors along with a 128-bit encryption system that helps in providing a fast and secure charging.

Other smartphones have their proprietary fast charging protocol.

However, if Oppo manages to stabilize the temperatures of the batteries while charging, using a high C-rating would still be risky for the battery’s health. It could mean the degradation of the batteries at a faster rate. Although Oppo mentions that the batteries would maintain at least 80% of their capability which would only go round for about 800 recharge cycles.

Oppo has stated that the charger which is yet to be released to the market, has the feature of double-6C cells, and it is universal. Although with a USB-C being the charging interface, this makes the new charger compatible with any device that has PD and PPS protocols which is great news because not only will it work with the new device which is yet to be released by Oppo, but it would also work with any future device that comes with the same model. Oppo’s 125W charging would transfer a large sum of about 12.5A current into the phone batteries which it would be juicing.

Though Oppo hasn’t released a press statement that they will be releasing a phone alongside this new technology, it is commonplace to see Oppo make announcements like these.

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