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Introducing Volta Blink (Capsule and Station) - Easy Charging On The Go

Introducing Volta Blink (Capsule and Station) - Easy Charging On The Go

As humans, we always look for the easiest and most efficient way to get our tasks done. It gives us so much joy when we discover these things. You really should wonder, how often do you get tired that you would remain in bed and let your phone's battery run down than to get up and give it some juice? Quite a lot of time, huh?

That's normal - it's not you being lazy, you couldn't afford to get up at that moment. Volta Charger has seen the hassle and big headache that charging your phone may be causing you. Who would have thought that would become a problem?

All of our products are built to increase efficiency in every part of your life and making your charging task easier and safer.

To continue in this culture, we are glad to announce the Volta Blink. While all our cables are built to make your charging possible wherever you are, Volta Blink (Charging Capsule and Station) takes this so many levels higher. You no longer have to leave home with your regular charging cables.

Volta Blink Capsule

The Volta Blink Capsule is a small electronic device that stores charge to juice up your phone from 0-100%, and have power for an emergency top-up.

Durable and Lightweight

The Volta Blink Capsule, made from an alloy that consists of ABS, Polycarbonates, and Aluminum, is lightweight. You can easily carry it around with you without feeling its weight. It also has high impact resistance.

Magnetic Ports

Volta is known for its high-grade magnetic charger connectors. The Volta Blink Capsule features two ports, one as a power outlet and the other as power inlet. Both outlet and inlet use a magnetic connection for their charge.

Volta Blink Power Bank

One Capsule for Multiple USB Devices

Regardless of your devices, as long as they are USB devices, a single VOLTA capsule can charge them all using the Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning tips shipped with the product.Volta Blink Capsule

Portable Charging Power

A single Volta Blink Capsule carries a power of 1200mAh, which would give your battery the boost it needs for the mile drive before you get back to your house. The Volta Charging Capsule measures 61mm x 39mm x13mm making it fit perfectly into the watch pocket of your jeans. 

Non-intrusive Battery Indicator

For battery-level awareness, the non-intrusive battery indicator shows the level of power available in the Blink Capsule. It does not impair your vision at night or in the dark.

The Traveler’s Charging Solution

For a traveler, efficiency is defined in how little you have to carry without sacrificing your deliverables. Being able to power your phone as a traveler and not wanting to pack multiple charging gadgets is always an issue. Volta Blink Capsule solves your problem. You can clutch it in your hand or keep it in your watch pocket. It can go ANYWHERE with you.


Volta Charging Station

While your Volta Blink Capsule is specifically for charging your devices directly, the Volta Blink Station does a lot more. As its name implies, the Volta Blink Station does more than charge a single device. It has multiple outlets to allow four different devices to charge at the same time at top speed. The Volta Blink Station is suitable to charge the Volta Blink Capsules and other USB devices you may own.Volta Blink Station

Durable and Lightweight

The Volta Blink Station has a casing made of ABS, Polycarbonates, and Aluminum alloy. It has high resistance to sudden and intense impact. It is non-corrosive and lightweight.

One Volta Blink Station for Multiple USB Devices 

Rather than buying a power bank that charges one or two phones at a time sluggishly, the Volta Blink Station is your go-to option. You can charge four devices at the same time. The Volta Blink station is your all-in-one Charging Station and easy-to-carry Powerbank.Volta Blink Station

Charging Power

The Volta Blink Station carries 8000mAh of power to all its four ports. Its Micro USB power inlet port allows input of 5A/2V and gives an output of 5A/2V on the four magnetic port.

Non-intrusive charge status-LED

The non-intrusive charge status-LED indicates the flow of power into the Blink Station.

Additional Features

Charge Your Apple Watch

Your watch is no longer just a tool to check the time, it is now a device that gives you easy access to almost everything in your life. With the USB-A output on the Volta Blink, you can now charge your Apple Watch and remain in control of your life at all times.

Volta Charging Cable

To use the Volta Blink Station, it needs to be charged first. The Volta Blink comes with a Free 0.5m Volta 2.0 cable as well as three magnetic tips (Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning). All at no extra cost to you.


NOTE: We recommend that you charge the Volta Blink Capsule with the Volta Blink Station as it provides the best charging power to the capsule rather than directly charging with a cable connected to a power adapter.

VOLTA BLINK is available to customers in AUSTRALIA ONLY from Tuesday, 12th of November 2019.

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Christopher Dunkling

Christopher Dunkling

I know there are lots of issues surrounding sending batteries overseas. But do will this ever be available for sending outside of Australia?

Volta Staff

Volta Staff

Hi Frederick, follow this link to get the XL cable – https://voltacharger.com/products/volta-xl

Fredrick  Tahix

Fredrick Tahix

I need Volta xl cables please

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