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How to Remove metallic debris and filings from the Volta Magnetic Head and Tip

How to Remove metallic debris and filings from the Volta Magnetic Head and Tip


Due to the female ends of the VOLTA cable being magnetic, they have the tendency of attracting metallic debris. Which can cause a short circuit when your cable is connected to a power source and is being used to charge a device. Other things that can cause a short circuit is the flow of conducting liquid like water into the pin area. Over time the magnets in your magnetic cable will accumulate metal debris or iron filings and removing iron debris and fillings from the magnetic tip can be very tricky and cumbersome. There are a few tips to care for your volta magnetic cable, you can see them here but we will be focusing on how to remove the iron filings effectively from the magnetic tip and also on the Volta magnetic adapter.  

Using Candle Wax

  1. Let candle wax drip onto a piece of paper.
  2. Knead the wax while still warm.
  3. When you press the wax onto the magnet led head, the filings stick to the wax.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until all filings are removed.
  5. Finally, you can use a tissue or rag to free the magnet from the wax.

Caution: The hot wax must not be dropped directly onto the magnet since the heat would cause it to lose its magnetic power.


Using a Soft toothbrush

Using a soft toothbrush, gently brush on the insides of the LED magnetic head to remove the iron filings, do it as much as possible till there are no traces of iron filings are out.

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