Halloween 2020 Costumes Guide and COVID-19 Guidelines to Follow

Halloween 2020 Costumes Guide and COVID-19 Guidelines to Follow

Halloween 2019 saw up to 47% of the American population dressing up for the festivity and spending over $3.2 billion on costumes. It was a huge increase in the turnout and budget from previous Halloween celebrations. Before lock-down being effected early in the year, expectations were towards having an even bigger celebration this year. Yet, despite the restrictions on crowd gathering, a tool for Halloween celebration, this year's festivities do not look like they will be any less good than the last.

How to Celebrate Halloween 2020 under Covid-19 Guidelines

Today's reality poses a huge challenge on how you can get your groove on and make Halloween another memorable event. Following the strict guidelines for crowd gathering during these times, here are some suggestions on how you can make Halloween 2020 one of a kind.

Keep it Small: the size of the party isn't what matters. However, it is the creativity behind the turn-up that brings about the most fun. You can gather your closest friends in your living room, backyard, or rooftop for a themed party or an 80s horror movie hangout. If your backyard is large enough, you can have a scavenger hunt that takes you through scary woods and spine-chilling graveyards. Don't spare any expense. Go all out, but keep it small.

Have a family hangout: what better way to keep yourself safe than staying in the company of those you've been around since it all began. Then there's the problem of having done everything with them. What else is left to do? Making your Halloween costumes will be a good way to come closer as a family and enjoy the moment's spirit in a different dimension. Creating all the props and taking on roles will further deepen how the family views Halloween.

For more ideas on having a COVID-19 free Halloween celebration, you can check this post by  New York Times.

VOLTA Charger 2020 Halloween Sales

One of the positives of the lock-down to combat the spread of COVID-19 is the massive jump in sales for online stores. With Halloween just around the corner, most online stores will have mouth watering deals for customers this season. VOLTA Charger isn't only offering a special deal to celebrate Halloween with customers, we will be offering up to 40% in discount store-wide on October 30, 2020. Sign up to our newsletter below to be notified when this sale goes live.

Halloween 2020 Costume Guide

New costume ideas spring up from major events, movies, cultural changes, and the trends for that year every year. Old costumes are also repeated, sometimes with tweaks to make them stand out from previous years, and other times, they remain the same. Whatever you opt for, you can check the suggestions below for your Halloween costume ideas.

  1. Joe Exotic Costume
  2. Bob Ross Costume
  3. Zoom Fail Costume
  4. Baby Yoda Costume
  5. Running Forrest Gump Costume2020 Halloween Costumes
  6. Maleficent Costume
  7. Lil Nas X Costume
  8. Dr. Anthony Fauci Costume
  9. Demogorgon from "Stranger Things" Costume
  10. Pennywise Costume2020 Halloween Costumes
  11. Mildred Ratched from Ratched
  12. Beyonce from Black is King
  13. Marianne Sheridan and Connell Waldron from Normal People2020 Halloween Costumes
  14. Jon Snow
  15. Orange Prisoner Costume
  16. "Rick and Morty."
  17. Joker Costume2020 Halloween Costumes

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