Giving 60+ Scholarships To Students In Africa

Giving 60+ Scholarships To Students In Africa

For those who have been supporting VOLTA since the beginning, you would know very well that our focus has always been to GIVE BACK! We started VOLTA in order to support the needs of those who are less fortunate in Africa. 


We have had the tremendous blessing of doing everything from rebuilding schools, building new classrooms, building new chairs, desks, building schooling laboratories and so much more! 

As most of you know we strive to give up to 40% of all profit made from VOLTA, back to people in need. Because of your continued support towards VOLTA and spreading the news about VOLTA. We were able earlier in the year completely pay in full the schooling fees for an entire year of OVER 60 STUDENTS in a school located in Nigeria, Africa!


For those who are not aware of the lifestyle that the majority of students live in Nigeria, here is a small insight into that reality. For most parents, it is either the choice between food for their family or paying the schooling fees for their children. So because of this, you will find a majority of students rarely even able to have a single meal per day. Because their families can not afford that luxury as well as paying the schooling fees. So this is so far beyond just paying their schooling fees...this is taking a burden off a multitude of families so that their households can eat without the stress of paying the fees for their children's schooling.

Below is a video of those scholarships paid in full and their receipts being handed out to over 60 students in the school.



Again none of this would be possible without your support towards VOLTA. We are tremendously grateful for every single customer that comes our way and we will continue to go above and beyond to look after you all! 

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