Introducing VOLTA Earn Reward

Introducing VOLTA Earn Reward

Over the years we have always appreciated the love and support shown to us by you - our customers. We want to sincerely thank you for your support. This is why we created the Volta Earn Reward program to give back to our customers. It is simple to use - it is a point-based reward system (generally 100points = $1), where points can be earned through completion of simple activities like; following our social media pages, liking and sharing our post online and so on. Over time as your points accumulate, you can make purchases on our online store using these points.

Here is how it works;

1. You visit the Volta’s site, go to the top-right on the navigation bar and click the red button “Earn Rewards” a popup window would appear…


2. Log in if you haven’t. If you are already logged in, on your left you would see a list-in that section is the Earn point. Click on it and choose the activity that is convenient for you and start earning rewards.




3. If you feel you need more points, or you are through with all the reward earning activities on the Earn point section above, feel free to jump to the Get Rewards now and knock yourself out earning more points.


4. You can also offer your friends, family and colleagues or even your enemies discounts on their purchase when you refer them to buy a Volta product using your referral link and earn points on each of those referrals that make a purchase. Also, the referral link can also be found on your account page under the MY ACCOUNT at the top-left of your screen.


5. You can always check and track your reward points to know if you have enough points to get you that Volta product you love by clicking on My Rewards.


Click Earn Reward and start earning points today.

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