Apple iPhone 11 Rumors and Specifications - iOS 13 and the Triple Camera

Apple iPhone 11 Rumors and Specifications - iOS 13 and the Triple Camera

You shouldn't expect to see mind blowing changes made to this year's iPhone release as all eyes are in expectation of the 2020 iPhone. According to reports from the likes of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg, users shouldn't expect the same thing as the 2018 version of the iPhone although they will appear to be relatively similar. Although Apple wouldn't just repackage last year's iPhone and dump in your laps. They have tweaked some things here and there to provide you a distinctive experience using the iPhone 11. 

Maybe a little disappointing

Expected to be released early on in September, most probably September 10, the new phone will be missing out on some spectacular features you would have enjoyed using.

Unlike other top-brand phone makers, such as Samsung with its latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release, 5G won't be available on iPhone until 2020. Neither would the much anticipated 120Hz OLED Retina display be featuring in this year's iPhone. Apple, in addition, has intentions of having a laser-guided 3D ToF camera but users have to wait till 2020 to see that as well. All of these features would have made for a market disruption this close to the end of the year but 2020 is not too far away.

What’s to Expect Anyway?

That being stated, what exactly would be appearing in this year's iPhone?

The biggest rumors until now are the triple camera expected on the iPhone 11 and iOS 13 is expected to power the device. 

Three Models

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

As is common, you should be expecting three models of the 2019 iPhone, similar to last year's. This year's iPhone will be called the iPhone 11, all things being equal. All the same, when it comes to different models, one cannot be too certain. But we have our guesses, though; iPhone 11R, 11 Pro and 11 Max.

Triple Camera

Image Credit: BGR

Last year, we were hearing that this year's iPhone would have a different camera setup, at least on one of the 2019 models. According to Bloomberg, this would likely be the model to be termed iPhone 11 Pro. This new camera setup will provide iPhone 11 the ability to capture wide-angle shots.

Haptic Touch Technology

According to analysts, Apple isn't saying a complete goodbye to a touch-based interface despite not using the 3D Touch in 2019 iPhones. However, Apple has developed a new Taptic Engine with the code name Leap Haptics, sustaining the Haptic Touch technology introduced in the iPhone XR.

Power Sharing

Apple discontinued the production of its AirPower wireless charging mat early into the year and many customers were left stranded with looking for third-party wireless charging solutions. The 2019 iPhone, however, will support bilateral charging according to a report from 9to5Mac. With this feature, you can share juice with other iPhones, AirPods or other Apple smart devices.

Improved Charging Tech

Although there have been rumors that the new iPhone may be receiving a USB-C port, you shouldn't be expecting it. However, you can look forward to having the 18W charging brick to boost your iPhone charge. This charging brick would not be having the usual USB-A end. Rather, it would have a USB-C. Which means the cable would be a USB-C to a Lightning port on the phone.


Image Credit: EverythingApplePro

With all of these updates and development, prices are something to discuss as well. You shouldn't be expecting a massive jump in price from last year's. As a guess, you can be expecting the iPhone to be about $749 - $1099. You should also anticipate a new dark green shade color as well as a pen. You didn't expect that, right?

Why don't you tell us in the comment section the features you expected to see in this year's iPhone.

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