9to5Mac Volta x Apple Watch Series 4 Giveaway

9to5Mac Volta x Apple Watch Series 4 Giveaway

Volta’s magnetic cable has swappable Lightning, USB-C, & micro-USB connectors

The Volta magnetic charge and sync cable have interchangeable connectors to switch between Apple’s Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB, allowing you to use a single cable for all of your devices. Head below for a hands-on look with the cable in the video below and get an exclusive 10% off for a limited time:

Get 10% off the Volta 2.0 magnetic charge cable with promo code 9to5TAKE10 at checkout.

The Volta 2.0 is a charge and sync cable that has a standard USB connector on one end and a magnetic connector on the other side that allows you to switch between USB-C, Lightning and micro-USB tips that Volta makes. The tips are designed so they can remain inserted into all of your devices– like your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad– allowing you to then use the open end of the Volta 2.0 cable to magnetically connect to any of them without having to manually switch connectors each time. Volta also makes the XL magnetic charge cable, a version with USB-C on the fixed end instead of standard USB like on the 2.0 model.

The magnetic system, like Apple’s old MagSafe connectors, of course, gives you the added benefit of safety by disconnecting and preventing any damage to your devices if you or someone else happens to trip over the cable.


The Volta cable features a rugged PBV braiding that is not only super durable but also remains completely flexible and does a great job at avoiding tangling that some of the thinner cables including Apple’s experience.

Volta’s interchangeable magnetic connector system makes it so you can use a single cable with all of your Lightning, USB-C and micro USB devices, but it also offers a $19 price point with two included tips that make it a great buy compared to just about any cable. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the company.

Get 10% off the Volta 2.0 magnetic charge cable with promo code 9to5TAKE10 at checkout.

We’ve teamed up with Volta this month to give away the new Apple Watch Series 4 to one lucky 9to5Mac reader. Head to our give away page for details on how to enter.




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