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5 Awesome Portable Gadgets You Need Right Now

5 Awesome Portable Gadgets You Need Right Now

No matter how much of an indoor person you are, there will always be somewhere to go every now and then, it could be school, office, grocery store, airport or somewhere outside your town.

Even though we can’t deny the fact that gadgets are part of us already and we love to always have them around, moving around with so many gadgets can be pretty overwhelming.

Check out these five awesome portable gadgets you can move freely around with daily;

1.WIRELESS EARPHONES: Trying to untangle your knotted headphone cables causes unimaginable frustration. Wireless earphones are portable and easy to carry about. You can decide to put them in your pocket or bag when not in use or simply wear them on.

2. FLASH DRIVE: Although flash drives are used to transfer files, especially large ones, from computer to computer, they are pretty portable and easy to move around with. They fit nicely into your purse, wallet, bag or even your pocket.

3. POWER STRIP: It is sometimes difficult to find a good spot to charge your smartphone and other devices when you are out of the house, especially when yourself in public places like the coffee shop, airport or wherever. The portable power strip will come just handy in such situation.

4. VOLTA MAGNETIC ADAPTER: Save yourself the stress of carrying around different chargers for all your devices with the Volta Magnetic Adapter. The small & compact magnetic adapter transforms your standard micro USB android cables into universal magnetic chargers suitable for charging all your devices.

5. A Bluetooth Audio Receiver: The Bluetooth Audio Receiver allows you to connect wireless sources to your older home or car audio systems. It is easy to use and very portable.

Did we miss out on any gadget? Kindly comment it below.

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