3Amp Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable - The Right Way To Go!

3Amp Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable - The Right Way To Go!

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Customers or product, which should be paid more attention to? This seems like a complex question, right? Well, it definitely is but at Volta, we understand that customers and products are two mutually inclusive properties and as such, no one is standalone. We do not brag about knowing everything a person would need. However, we listen to the comments and feedback from our customers so that we identify what to design to serve you better. You can check our Insider group on Facebook to see for yourself. We are thrilled for this culture we have imbibed at Volta because our customers have called for it and we have answered by bringing the widely anticipated 3AMP Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable.

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The 3AMP Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable is a specially built cable for devices with lower amperage and those less compatible with the 5AMP Volta 2.0 Cable. Sleekly designed, it has a standard USB A on one end and a reversible open magnetic end for secure magnetic connection with all of our tips (USB C, Micro USB, and Lightning Tips).

Everything Volta 2.0 and more

The Volta 2.0 was a 5A super-fast charging magnetic cable. However, the Volta 2.0 Right Angle magnetic cable is a 3A super-fast charging magnetic cable that has the ability to charge even more devices than its predecessor. 


Same as Always - One Touch, Instant Charge

The Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable still features the upgraded connection slot design, but this time in a right-angle position, which provides you with a sturdy magnetic connection and instant charge with just one touch. The cable additionally has strong neodymium magnets to improve the quality of the connection it provides and an amazing Snagsafe feature. 


Amazing Deals on Tips

The Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable comes with a separate package for tips. Our customers now enjoy the freedom to choose any two tips of their choice. We would rather not push tips that you don't need to you. Your tips are you in your hands, make your choice.


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Compatibility and Speed


One of the limitations on the Volta 2.0 Magnetic Cable was its incompatibility with some devices. However, on the Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable, you can now charge your Samsung S8+, S9/S9+, S10, Note8/9/10 and many other devices.


Guarantee you can Trust

No one likes to be stressed over anything and we also wouldn't want you to feel cheated for supporting our operations with your purchase. Every purchase has a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee as well as a 24 Months Warranty on the 3A Volta 2.0 Right Angle Magnetic Cable. Check our Warranty and Returns page for more info.

Experience the easiest and securest way to charge multiple devices by supporting our campaign for the 3.0AMP Volta 2.0 Right Angle Cable on Indiegogo here

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