15W Wireless MagSafe Power Bank

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The Most Versatile 4-in-1 MagSafe Compatible Wireless Power Bank


Strong Magnetic suction to Ensure Super Secure Holding

MagGo comes with strong N54 magnets that lock onto the built-in magnets of iPhone 12|13|14|15 series to provide a secure hold. No need to worry about power failure when charging your iPhone with MagGo in your bag. 

Ditch the Cables and Enjoy Snap-and-Go Magnetic Wireless Charging

MagGo works seamlessly with the iPhone 15 (Pro/Pro Max). Simply snap MagGo onto the back of your iPhone 15 with perfect alignment every time, then you can get a quick and reliable power boost (7.5W high-speed magnetic wireless charging) that doesn’t block your camera while you’re on-the-go. No need for cables or precise placement. You can also enjoy total freedom with effortless detachment.

Works with MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case

No need to sacrifice style over substance as long as your iPhone 12 has a Magsafe-compatible case. Simply snap your iPhone 12 onto the charging pad and enjoy the effortless charging experience.

Perfect for Playing Game

MagGo helps prevent an awkward cable from interrupting your grip. You can always enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

15W Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone, Android and AirPods

MagGo delivers a powerfully fast energy to go (15W Max). MagGo is compatible with all Qi enabled devices. Fast charge your AirPods, supported iPhone and Android devices at 5W, 7.5W and 10W power, respectively. Internal circuitry will automatically detect how much wattage your devices require, so there’s no risk of damage.

18W PD Wired Fast Charging

Equipped with a 18W PD Type-C port, MagGo can fast charge two devices simultaneously by utilizing both the wired and wireless options. MagGo will charge your iPhone 14 from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes through wired charging. It takes about 2 hours for MagGo to become fully charged.  

Versatile yet Pocket Friendly

The compact design is the key to its portability. MagGo is actually only around 68mm long and 17.2mm thick, making it sufficiently small for a pocket or bag.

Charge Phone and Power Bank itself Simultaneously

MagGo supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge the power bank itself and your device at the same time. Helpful when you do need to go mobile at the last minute, making you well prepared with a fully-charged power bank.  

Safety is Our First Priority

MagGo offers eight different types of protections, including overcharge protection, voltage protection, temperature monitoring protection, and more. Ensuring safety for the device and its users.


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