Volta XL USB-C Tip

Volta XL

Bringing MagSafe-like magnetic connector back to MacBook.

Volta XL is a new fast-charging USB-C cable that includes a built-in magnetic connector much like the MagSafe connector Apple removed from its MacBooks in the transition to USB-C for power.

Easy Adaptability

Volta XL is a built-in magnetic connector that brings the MagSafe-like functionality back to MacBooks and MacBook Pros. No more stabbing your device to death when trying to connect for a charge!


Just like MagSafe, VOLTA XL SnagSafe offers an extra protection by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord.

Reversible Strong Magnet

It features a reversible rare earth N52-Grade Neodymium magnetic connection that connects – instantly – every single time. Wave good-bye forever to fumbling with chargers and cords.

Volta XL Compatibility Chart

Works perfectly with your MacBook Pro and ANY USB C Laptops and NoteBooks.

XL USB Type C Dimension

Comparison Chart 


- All the Volta 2.0, Volta Original Cables, Tips, and previous products from Volta are NOT compatible with the VOLTA XL (Vice Versa).