Main features:

  • SnagSafe (Like MagSafe)
  • Works with MacBook and iPhone
  • 10x stronger than any other cable
  • Supports: Data Transfer - CarPlay - Android Auto
  • USB C-PD (60W - 100W)
  • Reversible strong magnets
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Smart LED (Like MacBook chargers)
  • Super fast charging (70% faster than regular cable)
  • On-The-Go (Transform your phone into a battery pack)

Comparison chart:

Hands-on: VOLTA Spark Review By 9to5Mac 

"VOLTA has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products with serious durability after four very successful crowdfunding campaigns​" 

Hands-on: VOLTA Spark Review By Joshua Vergara 


"VOLTA Spark Charger: Is this cable THE ONE?"
Joshua Vergara



What does your LIFETIME WARRANTY include?

If the item(s) breaks and no longer function how they should, all you need to do is contact us at care@voltacharger.com and replacement shipping is FREE. Please take note that this warranty is only valid for items that are still being sold by VOLTA. If an item has been discontinued we are no longer able to provide warranty on that item.

How strong is the magnetic connection between The VOLTA Spark?

We used the world's strongest magnetism (N52 Neodymium magnets on both the tips and cable, providing a strong pulling force). The VOLTA Spark was designed to be the strongest magnetic fast charging cable on the market, so strong in fact that it can even lift your iPad without disconnecting!

RETURN/Cancellation Policy.

Returns are accepted only when the VOLTA product you have purchased is posted back to us in its original packaging and all products must be in resellable condition and working order. Refunds will be given only when the returned product has been received and checked by our team. Check our warranty policies here.

What are the Shipping/Delivery time frames?

The displayed delivery time may vary due to COVID-19 related flight restrictions, and custom laws that vary from country to country. Please check our shipping prices and delivery times here

Where do you ship?

We ship ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE! We ship from our head office in Gold Coast, Australia.

How much does shipping cost?

Our standard shipping cost is just US$9.99. This comes with a tracking number and we ship WORLDWIDE. 

Does Spark support Data Transfer, Android Auto?

VOLTA Spark Charge and sync at speed 480mbps. Less time plugged in, more time going out!

Is the VOLTA Spark compatible with Oneplus Dash/Warp charge?

No the VOLTA Spark cannot Dash/Warp charge the Oneplus devices, but it can charge it normally. 

How will my order be shipped?

All orders will be shipped with tracking number(s) and will be delivered in most cases by your local or national postal service. Orders come in a plastic satchel. If you order a large order, generally 12 - 15+ cables or more it will come in a wrapped cardboard box.

When can I make correction or change or cancel my order?
What is included in a VOLTA Spark Single Pack?

A VOLTA Spark pack consists of x1 VOLTA Spark magnetic cable + x1 connector tip (Micro USB or Lightning or Type C) and a single cable can be used interchangeably with all the 3 tips, so one VOLTA Spark cable would power an iPhone, All Micro USB devices, and all USB C devices.

Will VOLTA affect the charging speed of my device?

VOLTA will not alter the charging speed of any device. It can, however, handle any charging speed of any device (adapter).

Can I plug VOLTA into my computer, laptop, car charger or power bank?

Absolutely YES! The VOLTA Charger is compatible with everything that your existing USB cable is. This means The VOLTA Cable will work with all your devices that are USB compatible.

Is it easy to remove the connector tip from the device's charging port?

The connector tip will stay perfectly steady in your device's port for any general day to day usage, even if you drop your phone. You can easily remove the connector tip by using just your fingernails. If you don't have long enough fingernails, each VOLTA Spark pack does come with a small tooling tip removal that enables you to pull out the tip with ease.

Does VOLTA support higher amperage and voltage charging?
Can the VOLTA magnetic cable damage my device in the long run?

No, VOLTA magnetic Cables will never damage your phone. You have nothing to worry about!

How to buy a larger quantity?

If you are interested in making a bulk order, please contact dayo@voltacharger.com and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

What is the USB Power Delivery?

One Universal Solution All devices with Power Delivery connect using a USB-C cable. Power can flow in either direction so it’s possible to share power between devices, even from your phone to a friend’s phone. USB-C connectors are small, smart, and capable of transmitting large amounts of power. You can safely use the same cable to charge your smartphone, your tablet and your laptop – no separate power brick for your laptop is required.

Our Terms & Conditions

By purchasing our products you are agreeing to our T&C's located here: https://voltacharger.com/pages/terms-of-service

VOLTA Strength

Since your devices take a lot of daily abuse; we decided to make the VOLTA Spark extra durable. We added premium neodymium magnets to ensure instant connection, while each cable is put through the tensile test 4,000 times to make them more durable than any other cable on the market..

Universal Compatibility

As a result of the built-in intelligent recognition system, the VOLTA Spark is able to adapt to varying voltages in different devices. VOLTA Spark will charge your phones, smartphone, speakers, tablets, MacBook and MacBook Pro without any compatibility issue whatsoever.