Volta Blink

Charge any USB Device, on the GO!

A single Volta Blink Capsule carries a power of 1200mAh, which would give your battery the boost it needs for the mile drive before you get back to your house. The Volta Blink Capsule measures 61mm x 39mm x13mm making it fit perfectly into the watch pocket of your jeans. It can go ANYWHERE with you.
Volta is known for its high-grade magnetic charger connectors. The Volta Charging Capsule features two ports, one as a power outlet and the other as power inlet. Both outlet and inlet use a magnetic connection for their charge.

One Volta Charging Station for Multiple USB Devices

For battery-level awareness, the non-intrusive battery indicator shows the level of power available in the charging capsule. It does not impair your vision at night or in the dark.

While your Volta Blink Capsule is specifically for charging your devices directly, the Volta Blink Station does a lot more. As its name implies, the Volta Blink Station does more than charge a single device. It has multiple outlets to allow four different devices to charge at the same time at top speed. The Volta Blink Station is suitable to charge the Volta Blink Capsules and other USB devices you may own.