Your New Charger That Never Breaks!

Your New Charger That Never Breaks!

Enough with the Apple charging cable that fray like a pair of jeans. Goodbye to the charging cables that tangle like the classic earphones in your pocket. Meet the Volta Charger, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday super weekend sales! Volta magnetic charger offers you a charging cable that never tangles and we do literally mean never! These cables are made with military grade nylon to ensure the cable doesn’t fray, even a dog will not prevail against this cable!

Volta charger is not just your standard boring cable, but rather a magnetic universal charging & data transfer cable! Making it easier for you to connect your phone at 1% without anxiety and to easily disconnect when you need run out the door to tackle the world! The VOLTA Magnetic Charger is compatible with ALL Apple iOS, Android and USB- C devices. And do you know what the best part of having a charger that never breaks is? Yep you guessed never will have to buy another charger again! And just encase you have a pet elephant who wants to try charge your phone with the VOLTA cable...we offer lifetime warranty on all VOLTA products! So stop wasting your money, always buying new chargers because they only last a few weeks or a few months if you’re lucky.

The only thing that makes the VOLTA magnetic charger better is the fact that for this year's black Friday and cyber Monday weekend we are DISCOUNTING EVERYTHING BY 15%!

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