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Introducing the VOLTA GIGA GaN Charger

Introducing the VOLTA GIGA GaN Charger

Over the past few months, we have been working on releasing the best products that would not only rock the tech world but also improve the lifestyle of the everyday people who use them. As usual, we continue on our mission to make charging even more efficient and stress-free, easy to use, versatile, lightweight, and safe for everyday use. 

This led to the birth of our GaN charger; VOLTA GiGA. The world’s most powerful 130W and 200W GaN chargers in the smallest sizes possible. 

What really is a GaN Charger? 

Simply put, GaN is an abbreviation for the chemical compound Gallium Nitride. It possesses some unique properties that make it an excellent semiconductor, touted as the most suitable replacement for silicon. With wide-ranging applications in consumer electronics; from microwave ovens, Blu-ray discs to chargers, chances are that your next piece of electronics could be powered by GaN. 

Gallium Nitride is a wide band-gap semiconductor, meaning it can operate at higher voltage and temperature ranges than conventional semiconductors like silicon. The GaN crystalline structure is also low-resistance allowing for very high electron mobility. GaN now makes it possible for high-voltage electrical components to be packed closely together without overheating. You can get a pocket-sized 200W charger with multi-outlets capable of providing a full charge for your MacBook Pro 16” (96W), iPhones, iPads and Android devices (65W). Unlike older silicon models, GaN chargers are now equipped with smart chips and Power Delivery technology that ensures your device is only getting the right amount of power it needs for an optimum charge. 

Why the VOLTA GIGA GaN Charger? 

In a modern, fast-paced world where everything is done on the go, minimalism is fast becoming the norm. This is why we created the world’s fastest and most powerful singular GaN charger.

Can you imagine being able to charge all of your devices up to 4x faster with just a single block? That’s what you get with the VOLTA GIGA. 

The GIGA allows you to declutter your workspace by replacing four other chargers. It provides you with four charging ports that are compatible with all the latest Quick and Fast charging protocols; 3x USB-C Power Delivery 3.0, and one USB-A outlet (supporting Quick charge 3.0, AFC, VOOC, SCP and FCP) to fast charge four devices, including two laptops, at the same time. 

Indeed, great things come in small sizes. With the GIGA GaN charger, we were able to put more power into the 78mm, and 84mm length of the 130W, and 200W chargers, simultaneously. 

With its compact size (smaller than your credit card), the GIGA was made to go everywhere you go, as it can fit into your pocket for fast charging all your USB devices while on the go. 

The GIGA is also a perfect travel companion with convertible AU/US and EU adapters, offering worldwide charging compatibility. 

The VOLTA GIGA GaN charger is the only charger you’ll ever need! It is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Click here to pre-order yours.

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