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How We Solved The 3 Biggest Problems With Modern Cables

How We Solved The 3 Biggest Problems With Modern Cables

At Volta we are always on the quest for innovative charging solutions. We identified three major problems with modern cables: length, port compatibility, and outlet compatibility.

So, we got to work, driven by our passion and made the cable that solves all your charging woes (The Volta Max Cable).

The Journey Begins: Interchangeable Magnetic Tips

Did you watch the explainer video? If you have then the rest of this blog will help you recap. Our first breakthrough came in the form of interchangeable magnetic tips, which solved the problem with compatible ports


These clever little adapters snap onto your devices, allowing you to charge them with ease. Making sure you never have to fumble with different cables or adapters again - just snap and charge!

Finding The Perfect Length

But, we soon realized that length was still an issue. That's why we designed extension cables with various plug-ins towards the USB port.


With an incredible 4K display and 140W speed and data transfer.

Power Delivery Technology: Safe and Efficient Charging

We knew you might be concerned that the 140W power might be too much for your smaller devices, so we integrated Power Delivery technology into the Max cable. This ensures that your smartphones and smaller devices receive the optimal charging speed, without compromising safety.


The Outlet Problem

We understand that not everyone has switched to USB-C yet. That's why the Volta Max Cable ships with a built-in adapter, compatible with both old and new bricks. You can even use your phone as a power bank with reverse charging


One Cable for All Your Charging Needs

You never have to worry about messy drawers, multiple cables, and slow charging speeds. The Volta Max Cable is the ultimate solution for all your charging needs. With its innovative design, interchangeable tips, and advanced technology, you'll never have to worry about charging your devices again. 

1 Volta Max Cable = USB-C/C + USB-C/M + USB-C/L + HDMI + USB-C/USB-A + M/USB-A + L/USB-A


Upgrade to the Volta Max Cable today and experience the future of charging! learn more.

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