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Save 45% Off when you reserve the Volta Max today!

To Get this offer, Place a $10 deposit to secure your exclusive discount and free bundle worth $95 that contains: Extension Cable (up to 6m), 2 -in-1 Cable cap, Tip Container, Extra x2 Connector Tips of your choice.

Your $10 reservation locks in your Volta Max Set (1 Max Cable + x2 Tips of your Choice) at a special price of $29.99 – a 45% discount off the Retail Price of $54.45

Why Reserve Now? By placing your $10 deposit, you help us gauge demand, ensuring we produce the right amount and can reserve enough free bundles. Plus, your $10 deposit will be fully refunded!


Free Extension Cable (Up to 6m)

2-in-1 Cable

Free 2-in-1 Cable Cap

Tip Container

Free Tip Container

Connector Tips

Free x2 Connector Tips

(USB-C or Lightning or Micro-USB)

Refund Guarantees

100% Refund Guarantee

If you cancel your reservation, we guarantee you a full refund at any time before the crowdfunding campaign ends.

Transparency Guarantee

Transparency Guarantee

We promise to keep you informed about our project's progress throughout the entire development and campaign process.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

All orders are processed via Shopify’s secure payment system. Your credit card information is never stored, ensuring your privacy and security.


What is the reservation deposit?

The reservation deposit secures a guaranteed discount spot and access to the free Bundle that are included with each discounted purchase. Once the VOLTA Max is launched, every order placed with a reserved spot gets a guaranteed 40% discount off the retail price, inclusive of all the free items in the Bundle (extension cable, 2-in-1 cable cap, tip container, and 2 x tips).

When can I get my product?

We have completed the design, tooling and testing phases for the VOLTA Max. Mass production will begin soon and this pre-launch is to help us accurately determine the number of customers for whom we need to cater for.

How can I claim a refund?

The reservation ensures you receive your free bundle and helps us accurately estimate the number of bundles we need to prepare for our customers. All reservation deposits will be refunded.

Where can I get more information about this product?

You can get the detailed product description and specifications here. If you have any other questions, kindly contact us at care@voltacharger.com.

How does your cable ensure efficient and safe charging for all devices?

Max cable is engineered to deliver precise power tailored to each device it charges. By providing the exact amount of power needed, our cable eliminates the risk of overloading or damaging your devices. Whether you're charging a power-hungry laptop or a delicate smartphone, our cable's intelligent design ensures optimal performance without compromising safety.

Can your cable charge any device?

Absolutely! The max cable is equipped with 140W Ultra-blitz Fast charging, making it so powerful that it can charge Almost ALL Laptops. With that much power, it's more than capable of charging ANY type of Device you have.

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