VOLTA 2.0 Right Angle + 3 Tips

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The VOLTA 2.0 Right Angle revolutionizes the way you charge your devices and how many cables you need in your house or office. VOLTA 2.0 Right Angle gives you super-fast charging for your Apple Lightning, Micro USB Android and USB-C devices. The heavy duty, tangle-free, braided nylon cable is virtually unbreakable and also offers data transfer capabilities. The right angle design ensures a stronger magnetic connection than the standard VOLTA 2.0 cable. Jump from device to device seamlessly with the magnetic charging system and versatile charging tips. If you have multiple devices with different ports then the VOLTA 2.0 Right Angle is for you! 

Be sure to choose the correct product for you and your devices, take a look at our comparison chart if you’re unsure which cable is right for you.

  • Right Angle design for stronger connection
  • Fast Charging QC 3.0
  • Data transfer USB 2.0
  • Snag proof (like MagSafe - Pets Proof & Kids Proof)
  • CarPlay & Android Auto
  • VOLTA lifetime warranty & 30 day money back guarantee
Cord Length: 2M (3A)
Colour: Black

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