USB 3.2

4K Display
& Video

20Gbps Data
Transfer Speed

Thunderbolt 4

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The Cable For All Charging Solutions

6 Different Combinations in One Magnetic Cable

VOLTA Max features 2 inputs (USB-C and USB-A) and 3 outputs (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB), allowing for 6 different connections.

Universal Compatibility

We designed the Max Cable to offer seamless charging for all your devices. Whether you have an old iPhone series, the new iPhone 15 series, USB-C laptops like the MacBook Air or Pro, USB-C phones like the Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, OnePlus series, Micro USB devices, or iPads (both new and old), you can say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right charger. This is the cable for every gadget you own.

All the cables you need All the cables you need

The Cable For Everything

VOLTA Max is a versatile charging system that works with nearly any device you own, while also looking great. This sleek charge and sync cable features a 2-in-1 USB input on one end and an open magnet on the other. It comes with three magnetic tips that transform the open output end into a USB-C, Lightning, or Micro-USB cable.

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The Tribe, Volta Insiders

You might be hearing about us for the first time, but Tens of Thousands highly productive people worldwide know VOLTA and have joined us on our journey since 2017. The Volta Insiders community has helped us shape the most advanced cable we have ever designed, the VOLTA Max cable. This singular charging system changes the game and how we think about our charging devices: It’s the first cable that can genuinely replace every charging cable around you!

The Father of All Charging Cables

The world's first 6-in-1 140W PD magnetic cable with comprehensive 4K display, fast charging, and data transfer capabilities.

Trusted By Tech Experts & Industry Leaders

Leading partnership with Google Chromebook & Framework Computer Inc

Reserve And Claim 45% Off + Free Bundle $$

Why You Need The Volta Max Cable

Many of us have experienced the deep-seated frustration of repeatedly investing in easily broken charging accessories that promise the world and deliver little. These flashy, short-lived solutions leave us feeling frustrated, drained, and longing for something better. Big brands are often complicit in this cycle. They prioritize rapid development and fleeting trends over durability, quality, and genuine value. The approach leads to:

A Comprehensive Solution Oriented Charging Cable Designed With Everyone In Mind

140W Ultra Fast Charging

Fast Charge ANY device within Minutes, ANYWHERE!

Safe to Use - Accident Free

The true Snag Safe for all things Gadget - not just for the macbook but smart phones and everything.

Durable & Built to Last

Research into the strongest and most efficient materials has been done to ensure the ‎durability of every cable we ship. The sturdy, anti-scratch aluminium shielding ensures the ‎lasting, pristine condition of the connectors. PBV braiding and intelligent strain-relief collars ‎on the cable give it astounding agility, strength and flexibility to enable our cables to withstand the wear and tear of family life with young children, pets, elderly, physically challenging individuals, etc.

These tests are done to ensure it will outlast any other cable ‎no matter what you do to it. (Short of taking an axe to it!)

Reserve And Claim 45% Off + Free Bundle $$