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VOLTA Spark Tip (Only)

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Make transitioning between devices even easier and simpler with an extra VOLTA Spark tip. The strong magnetic charging tips are specially designed for convenience, allowing you to easily swap between devices on the go. The VOLTA Spark lets you use less cables, on more devices. Be sure to choose the right extra VOLTA Spark tip, take a look at our comparison chart if you’re unsure which tip is for you.

  • VOLTA lifetime warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee
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Type: 100W
Tip: x2 Micro-USB
Color: White

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Meet Volta Spark

Versatile. Durable. Efficient



  • Super Fast Charging



Without Volta

With Volta


Easy to Connect & Detach

The snag-safe feature allows you to easily connect and disconnect, lowering the risk of tripping over cables and damaging your devices while saving you money on unnecessary repairs.

Extra Protection with SnagSafe

With the SnagSafe Like MagSafe, VOLTA Spark offers an extra protection to your device by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord, while saving you expensive unnecessary repair bills.

All the Cables You Need in One Cable

Super Fast Charging & Data Transfer

Safely charge your device at its highest possible speed when connected to a Power Delivery high-speed charger.

Supports CarPlay and Android Auto

Whether you're using CarPlay to navigate, listen to music, or make calls, or Android Auto to access your favorite apps, the Volta Spark cable ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Toughest Cable You'll Ever Use

Say Goodbye to Messy and Frayed Cables

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The Most Reliable Universal Fast Charging Cable For All Your Devices

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Volta -The Last Cable You'll Ever Need.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tip lost easily

Due to my different habit of using the tip (I also use different chargers so need to take out Volta tip from time to time), it easily gets lost, no matter how much I love it : (
Well, the tip itself works perfectly though.

Yokoo Take

Extra VOLTA Spark™ Tip

Tony Putra Putra

Extra VOLTA Spark™ Tip

G Africano
Great Product, Great Service

Got the 100W Volta Spark tip and cable to work with my Lenovo laptop. Have loved the convenience of their cables and tips since the original! This time I had a bit of a mix-up with my order but they were so patient in helping me sort things out. Am and will be a loyal customer!

Ellen B
Good warranty

Initially, the cable system works great but the tips are a weak spot that often fail after about a year of normal use. The cables and chargers are high quality and are still going strong after several years. In that timeframe I would have had at least 5 tips break across 3 devices. The strength of the magnets decrease significantly over time and contacts on the inside of the tips have a tendency to get pushed flat, eventually snapping off. Due to the nature of the tips, they are exposed to knocks and drops which eventually cracks the magnet and renders the tip non functional.

The good news is that Volta has replaced every tip that I have reported as failed. There customer service isn’t the fastest but they always sort it out. I still love the concept of the cable system and it would be great to see a less vulnerable tip designed. Given the small nature of the tip, this is not as easy as it sounds.